Ah, Black Friday.

I’m celebrating by bumming on the couch and enjoying the marathon of What Not to Wear that is currently on. I heart a good shop-a-thon, but battling people over so-called deals on the day after Turkey day is really not something that appeals to me at all. Besides, pretty much everyone is getting stuff from OWW this year. Yay for employee discounts. So the holiday season is now officially upon us… I go back to work on monday, because the store is advertised as being open even though we don’t have school kids… so I think it’ll be a whole lot of nothing going on there. Especially since the only place I think they’re advertising that fact is on the special event brochures that we hand out on the weekends. I daresay I’ll get some reading done at work this week. But it’s alright, I definitely need to work all the hours I can squash in in the next month. I’m not sure how much there will be for me to do at the other job since things are getting pretty slow there, so I’ll see how that pans out.

I’ve still got a lot of things to take care of before January 7th… yikes. I’m probably going to have to go to the eye doctor so I can reorder contacts, I still need to buy traveller’s insurance, plus I need to have the housing money when I get there. I’ll have it all, but it’s still a lot to worry about. Plus I need to find someone to take Frodo, and I need to sell my car. I went through the trouble of getting a carwash last weekend so I could vaccuum it out and take pictures, and then it snowed. So it’s dirty again. Damn. So I’ve got to take care of all of that in between working two jobs. Plus I’m tossing around getting another tattoo, but that’s at the bottom of the current priority list…. I’ve got enough stuff to do at the moment. Should be good times….

I did get a bit of a vacay in this month though. I spent four days in the San Fran area visiting Aaron and Michelle, so that was good times. It was good to get out of here for a couple days and it was good to see them. Michelle and I climbed a (small) mountain, did some wine tasting, and we all spent a day in the city hanging out. That is an interesting town. I found it really confusing as far as the layout went, but I’m sure you get used to it after a while. I brought way too much stuff for the couple days I was there… I think I’m going to have to do some trial packing before I head for Prague. I know I was crack at fitting stuff in when we went to France, but that was in summer and I daresay tshirts take up much less space then winter sweaters.
Other than that, not too much going on. But if anyone wants to cat sit for um, awhile, or needs to buy a car, send them my way.


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