Up too late= Survey time!

I slept in today, and now I’m freakishly awake. So here’s a music survey!

The rule as always, put your music player on shuffle and no cheating!
The weather outside is… Martin Sheen or JFK~Yellowcard (huh?).
I feel like… No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature~The Guess Who (well that’s true, damn).
I would really love to… Soul Meets Body~ Death Cab for Cutie (ahahahaha).
No one can stop me from… O’Tannenbaum~They Might Be Giants.
Today I will… High Summer~Van Morrison (I wish… bring back summer!)
Love is like… While My Guitar Gently Weeps~George Harrison (yep).
I would call myself… I Did It My Way~Jay-Z (also true).
I’ve never been to… Can’t Take It~The All American Rejects.
If I were a… You Are the One~Shiny Toy Guns (oh cripes).
Never forget to… Not Coming Home~Maroon 5 (priceless).
Noone believes me when… You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison~My Chemical Romance (I wish I were making this up).
I would never… Resting Sound~Midtown.
I could see myself… Stickin’ In My Eye~NOFX (well usually I stick my foot in my mouth, might as well expand).
I’m as fun as… Golden~Fall Out Boy.
I wish… Me and Mr. Jones~Amy Winehouse (what kind of fuckery is this, haha).
He will never understand why… Autography~The Starting Line.
I’m nearly… Mope~The Bloodhound Gang (what? Falco!)
I want to see… Riding With the King~Eric Clapton.
At night time… Show Me The Way~Styx (I was not aware I had styx. wow).
My fashion sense is… We Are All On Drugs~Weezer (maybe my fashion sense looks better when on drugs?)
I cry when… The World You Love~Jimmy Eat World (Jimmy has been known to tear me up).
The most annoying thing is… Covered in Rain~John Mayer (I do dislike being wet. Specifically, wet socks).
The moon is… Atom Heart Mother~Pink Floyd.
I get tired when… Saving Grace~Tom Petty.
I lack… Scarecrow Man~Misfits (I am short of scarecrows).
I’m so absorbing in… Careful What You Pack~They Might Be Giants (I am having packing related anxiety).
I should be… Stay Away~Rooney (well that figures).
I can’t seem to forget… A Plain Morning~Dashboard Confessional (well that’s true).
Where in the world is… Threesome~FenixTX (ahahahah, I don’t even know what to say about that one).
I don’t want to hear… I Can Feel It~Sean Kingston (holy shit, this song samples Phil Collins, and yeah, no one wants to hear that).
Don’t give up on… My Favorite Accident~Motion City Soundtrack (I personally adore my favorite accident).
I should give up on… Drunk Eating~Jim Gaffigan (OH MY GOD I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. DRUNK PIZZA IS BAD).
I want to be… Brass Monkey~Beastie Boys (who doesn’t want to be a brass monkey?)
I like alot of… I Remember Jeep~George Harrison (I do heart a Jeeper).
I often think about… Crack the Code~311 (haha).
I don’t understand why… You Know I’m No Good~Amy Winehouse.
Guys are… Shrapnel~Atmosphere (seriously).
Girls go to… Scumbag~Green Day (seriously).
I’m in trouble for… Ten Minutes~The Get Up Kids (well at least it’s short).
Candy is for… My Humps~Black Eyed Peas (well it goes straight there).
Take me to… Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs~Straylight Run (ok, I think my media player can read, because this is bizarre).
All I’ve ever cared about was… Secret Love and the Fastest Way to Loneliness~This Providence (damn it all).
Take me away from… Footprints in the Sand~Leona Lewis.
The worst possible thing is… Sounds Bad~T-Pain

Well that was one, and this is really freaking me out, but since I’ve got over 10,000 items on here, let’s do another.

Which song describes the mood you are in right now?: Ten Years Gone~Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes.
Which song describes the mood you are usually in?: Glorified G~Pearl Jam.
Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?: Unopened Letter to the World~The Ataris.
Which song describes something else you like to do?: Gonna Raise Hell~Cheap Trick (haha).
Which song explains the way you think about love?: I Wanna Get a Mohawk~AFI (yep).
What would you sing to your soulmate right now?: Sensory Deprivation Adventure~From Autumn to Ashes (very romantic… um…. yeah).
Which song best represents you?: Kiss and Control~AFI (hahahaha. woo-ha).
Which song describes your sexual preference?: Good News~Something Corporate.
Which song describes what would occur between you and a prostitute/manwhore: 21~The Starting Line (apparently we’d get drunk).
Your lover on the side?: Bitter Sweet~Darude (seriously, my media player is ALIVE).
How about your wife or husband?: It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite~NOFX (I’m marrying an elitist… awesome).
Which song would be played at your wedding?: Out The Back~Fort Minor (this will play as I escape out the back).
Which song would be played at your wedding reception?: Sometimes Selling Out is Giving Up~Rise Against (that is really funny… it’ll be a romantic affair).
Which song describes yourself in the future?: The Final Slowdance~MxPx.
Which song describes yourself in the past?: Every Breath You Take~The Police (ummm).
Which song would be appropriate for a one night stand?: I’m Looking Through You~The Wallflowers (again, pretty funny).
Which song would best describe your first time kissing?: For Emma~Bon Iver.
Which song would best describe your first time having sex?: Good Morning Beautiful~ Deftones (again, the media player LIVES and has a sense of IRONY).
Which song would best describe your fashion sense?: We Can Get There~Mary Griffin
Which song would describe your taste in the opposite or same sex?: How Forever Feels~Kenny Chesney.
Which song best describes your parents?: Glass to the Arson~Anberlin.
Which song best describes your family in general?: Children of the Revolution~Moulin Rouge soundtrack (yeah we’re not really that exciting).
Which song best describes your friends?: The Same~Nonpoint.
Which song best describes your school?: The Nephilim~AFI.
Which song best describes your public personality?: Realize~Colbie Caillat.
Which song best describes your private personality?: Moana~ Deftones.

How am i feeling today?: Mango Pickle Down River~M.I.A.
Will I get far in life?: Spoiled~Joss Stone (is that a yes? score).
How do my friends see me?: Swingtown~The Steve Miller Band (woo).
Where will I get married?: Down~Something Corporate (perhaps I’ll be drunk at a harbor?)
What is my best friend’s theme song?: Angel~Aerosmith (I’m sure she’d be flattered).
What is the story of my life?: Let Me Take You There~Plain White T’s (can I?)
What is/was high school like?: Faces In The Hall~Gym Class Heroes (it’s alive again!).
How can I get ahead in life?: Of A Dropping Pin~The Guess Who.
What is the best thing about me?: I Still Ain’t Over You~Augustana (well deal with it).
How is today going to be?: The 11th Hour~Rancid (hm, a last minute something??)
What is in store for this weekend?: You~Breaking Benjamin.
What song describes my parents?: On A Plane~Nirvana (my mom hates flying).
My grandparents?: Forget About Us~Tim McGraw (well that’s sad).
How is my life going?: Thank You For Not Moshing~Reel Big Fish (yes, I think my moshing days have passed).
What song will they play at my funeral?: Little Black Backpack~Stroke 9.
How does the world see me?: SoCo Amaretto Lime~Brand New (hmm).
Will I have a happy life?: I Miss You~Blink 182.
What do my friends really think of me?: Maybe I’m A Leo~Deep Purple (actually I am).
Do people secretly lust after me?: I Will Be~Leona Lewis.
How can I make myself happy?: Lucky You~Deftones (10,000 songs and they just keep coming).
What should I do with my life?: Sick Sad Little World~Incubus (aw the hell with it).
Will I ever have children?: Chalk Line~Strike Anywhere.
What is some good advice for me?: Home~Gym Class Heroes (boo).
What is my signature dancing song?: Lemon Parade~Tonic.
What do I think my current theme song is?: Playpen~Social Distortion.
What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: That’s Not Me~Jennifer Lopez.
What type of men/women do you like?: My Reply~The Ataris.
How does my sex life look?: The Pros and Cons of Breathing~Fall Out Boy.
Would I make a good catch?: The Only Thing Worse Than Beat~Relient K (haha).
Will I have a good life in general?: My Beautiful Rescue~This Providence.
Can (insert YOUR CRUSH’s name here) ever really love me?: Rock You~The Roots. (well at least me and YOUR CRUSH’S NAME HERE will have a good time. God I’m old).
Can me and (insert YOUR CRUSH’s name here) ever be more than friends?: Gleaming Auction~Snow Patrol (so only if he buys me?? sweet).
What’s going to happen to me this week?: Pop Punk Band~Avoid One Thing (awesome).
Where will I be a year from now?: Disciplined Breakdown~Collective Soul (so I’m going to lose my shit… sweet).
What is my biggest wish?: Beach Chair~ Jay-Z (f/Chris Martin… really? I do like the beach….)
What is the love of my life doing at this very moment?: Guilty As Charged~Gym Class Heroes (well I don’t have bail for this person wherever they are).
How will I die?: Still Wonder~Jonny Lang.
What will happen after I die?: City of Blinding Lights~U2 (well that could be fun).

Well that was a suitable distraction for awhile.


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