Hem hem hem.

I’ve been trying to decide what to write in here for about two weeks. It’s going well, in case you couldn’t tell. I feel like there isn’t much to say, but there’s too much to tell. Typical. Prague is amazing, and I’m SO glad I did this, to say the least. I’ll feel better once I have some sort of employment lined up, but I’m trying to worry about one thing at a time here.

Right now I’m on the tour de internet cafes. It’s a vicious cycle that involves paying too much money for coffee just to use the internet. If I get really desperate, there’s always the mall out in Vysocany, but I said I was never going back to that mall after the course ended, and I’m trying to stick to that. We’re hoping to get internet in the apartment in the next few weeks, but again, hopefully a job first. Got to stop spending money on unnecessaries (anything other than food and drink). And by drink, I mean beer and coffee. Everything else is too expensive.

HOW LONG CAN THIS DOWNLOAD POSSIBLY TAKE. Trying to d/l the episode of Family Guy that Aaron put up for me, it was almost done a half hour ago and then I lost the connection here for a minute. Grumble. Now it’s the race between the download and my battery life. Should be a good showdown….

I promise I’m trying to come up with something more interesting here. I was feeling wordy this morning, maybe I can channel that again when I get home.


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