Lazy Sunday.

I just looked to the left and saw someone else posting on their blogspot blog. Haha. Better than the other day when I looked to the left and saw someone on a fisting web site. But to each his own I guess.

Not too much new to report at the moment. Still jobless, still looking. Hoping something pans out by the end of the week here. (As an aside, I dislike it when people sit practically on top of you here. There are 2 chairs. Use them). Also, how hard is it to pick up your coffee cup and deposit it in the garbage when you leave? I know they come around and clean up, but it’s kind of rude. It’s not like this is a restaurant. Hence why I have several internet places I rotate through. AND one of these guys is wearing a Prague Drinking Team sweatshirt. Go figure.

We wondered who wore these. Turns out, a freakish amount of people I’ve seen recently.

So anyway, I have a lead on a couple of jobs at the moment that I’ll see about next week. Had a last second interview on Friday that went alright, so hopefully the fact that it’s at a huge language school should help. We’re getting down to the wire on time, so I’d like to get things straightened out and all ASAP. But I still figure I’m alright, as most of the other people are working, but not a whole lot. Full time seems to be some sort of myth that we hear about, but haven’t experienced yet. It’ll come in time, I’m hoping.

So what else… yesterday it was beautiful out so we took a trip over to Petrin Hill and walked up and around. It was warm, blue sky, all that good stuff, but my camera battery was dead, so sadly I missed out on picture taking. Which is unfortunate because there was a lot going on at Petrin yesterday and we saw some cool stuff while wandering around, that would have been great in some of my series I’m working on. Must remember to charge the camera! I’m hoping there will be another good day this week to go over there again. With a full battery of course. I walked around a bit last Sunday and took a bunch of pictures, so that was a solid mental health day. I got pretty low last week, and that helped a bit. But things are looking up now. Got some prospects I think, and a bunch of people are coming back next weekend for the roomies birthday, so that will be good times.

Also got an email from the parents that them coming to visit is now in the realm of possibility, so that would be cool. Being that my dad wants to travel basically everywhere, and my mother has steadfastly refused to leave the country (or the midwest, depending on the day), this would be a pretty big step. And it would be good for them, so we’ll see what happens there.

We went downstairs on Friday night and met our neighbors that the girls have been talking to out the back window. Walter and Peggy are in their 80’s, and have been living in Prague about 15 years. Peggy is from the States, but Walter was born in Prague to German parents. So they have some fascinating stories. Being born to German parents meant that when the war started, Walter’s dad got hauled off to the German army, never to be seen again. Walter and his mom then got sent to Germany, and he ended up in the Hitler Youth. Peggy spent years working in Europe for the Department of Defense (don’t know what she did, though we have our theories). But whatever she did, when she retired they got to pick where in the world they wanted to settle and the DoD would move them there. So they opted to come here, where he was born, to spend their retirement years. She wants us to take out her teenage great-grandkids when they come here for the first time next month, so that should be interesting. Walter is also an artist, and he was showing us some of his work. Some beautiful paintings, he also does photograpy, some film work, and builds models. We went down there just to say hi for a few minutes and ended up staying almost two hours. Obviously some of their stories are about the unpleasant side of history, but that’s what I for one, really want to hear about. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve read in books, first hand is so much better. So hopefully we get to hear some more from them while we’re living here.

We also got treated to dinner that night courtesy of our roommate. She made us her mother’s recipe for Hungarian potato soup, followed up by apple pie. All around excellent. We have tentative plans to trade off cooking duties for everyone once a week or so. It’s a good thing soup goes a long way, as there were 7 of us, and then 8 when our friend arrived from Ireland later in the night.

Well that’s about it for now. Looking forward to a busy week that will involve employment, visitors, and the neverending pivos. Good stuff.

Week highlights: Petrin Hill on a sunny day; dinner at Grosseto last night (Namesti Miru stop) with ridiculously good pizza and sparking red wine (who knew?)


One thought on “Lazy Sunday.

  1. You should leave HEAVY HINTS that it would be cruel for Mom and Dad to venture to Praha without me. If we double team them, I think we can pull this off.

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