Some random thoughts upon life in Praha….

I’ve been making a list of odd or random things I’ve seen lately so here we go….

*The only reason the pantyhose industry still thrives is because of women in Prague. They wear them with everything, including shorts and sandals. My personal favorite was walking behind a girl last week who was wearing them with a miniskirt and sneakers, the odd part being that she had the complexion of an albino, but appeared to be wearing hose made for the Hispanic-African American complexion market. It was an interesting look.

*The other day I was on the tram and saw two men carring a massive letter K down the street. One guy was 60+ with a stellar white beard, and the other was young with a stellar red beard. The letter K was at least 6 feet tall and bright blue. I wondered where they were going.

*Something I’m going to miss now that the weather has improved will be the various muppet-esque ensembles that are sported in winter. It’s not unusual to see someone wearing an outfit that appears to be stolen from the Sesame Street wardrobe closet. For intance one day there was a women with a large furry black coat (waist length), a miniskirt (of course), and giant furry black boots. This goes along with my next point.

*Meticulously coordinated does not begin to describe some of the outfits. Red coat, red boots, red purse. A woman on the metro with a purple muppet jacket, purple boots, and purple manicured nails. Oh, and purple hair. The hair often matches the outfit to one degree or another. It’s truly impressive the amount of thought that surely goes into some of the get ups we see on the street.

*They also seem to extend these ideas to the window displays. I have never in my life seen such elaborate window displays, many of which change every day. It took me a while to figure out when exactly they change them, but it seems to go on before 9 am. I really need to start taking pictures of some of these, because they’re pretty amazing. When even the little grocery on the corner has an impressive display, you know they’re dedicated. And that brings me to the next point….

*You CANNOT walk directly behind someone here. Because, inevitably they will stop short to gaze in awe at one of the window displays, and you will plow into them. This is especially perilous when approaching a store a few doors down from our apartment. They appear to sell second hand clothes, and most of these look like things you would find at your local Goodwill at home, but there is ALWAYS someone standing there, staring in awe at a sundress from 1998. Walk with caution.

*Attention: You may not enter this building with a gun. Mostly posted on the doors of banks and such are the pictures depicting what you are not allowed to bring in. For example: dogs, cameras, food, guns and bombs. Good to know. But I guess that becomes relevant when people do carry weapons here.

*Sometimes walkng down the street, you will pass someone carrying swords (broad side or rapier variety), and also you will see the occasional hunting knife/sheath strapped to someone’s belt. Haven’t seen guns yet, but perhaps they’re just hiding. In the event of a crisis, I will seek out someone with a rapier. They appear to practice fencing or dueling in some of the parks. Good times.

*The tourist season has officially arrived, so I’ve been playing the “where do we think they’re from” game. Which is rather enjoyable. On the tram the other day someone had my exact copy of ‘Eyewitness Prague’ except in Russian. Fun! The majority of the tourists thus far are Italians, and they’re…. well….. I guess I can’t make a fair comparison until we start seeing the rest of the tourists, so I’ll have to wait until the end of the summer to decide who wins the “Most Obnoxious Tourist” prize. It should be a good competition.

Needless to say that’s just a random sampling of the bizarre things you can see here on a daily basis. I’ll keep working on the list, which should get more extensive as the summer kicks in and everyone is out and about. It’s still hard to believe we’ve been here long enough for a season change. So happy Spring/early Summer!


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