Is it weird when you realize that you can no longer picture some people beyond when what they looked like in the fourth grade? Damn you, facebook.

On another note, I want to curl into a ball in a field with Justin Vernon and let him play me music. If he’s not too busy or something. Really hoping to make it to that fest in Norway in August to see Bon Iver amongst other sweet artists. Plus, if I’m not hitting Summerfest, I need to make up for that in a pretty major way. Hopefully we can swing that. If I can’t travel a bit while I’m here, my soul my die. I hope to avoid that.

Had a crazy busy week, and one more crazy busy day tomorrow. Then another three-day weekend (happy early victory day). But things are progressing. Will hopefully be making a trip next week to become official here. Jumping through the appropriate hoops and such. Kind of like graduating college, except then we weren’t risking deportation. And graduating college didn’t involve a day trip to another country. Ha. So I might be blitzkreig boppin’ a day next week. Will also hopefully be receiving my first paycheck tomorrow. Thank God, haha. So things are good.


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