I’ve had a complete shit week, and am now basically being ignored as far as tonight’s plans go. There are few things in life that will piss me off faster then having plans fall through. Seriously, it’s annoying. And being ignored also tops the list. Yesterday on the tram, someone basically stood on top of me, forcing me into the corner in an old woman’s lap. This person also put his elbow on top of my hand that was clinging to the railing in an attempt to keep me from falling on the woman, as if I wasn’t actually there. I realize that I’m kind of chubby, and not that cute, but you could at least ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE. I’m really frustrated right now, in case you couldn’t tell. I have to teach this stupid speaking seminar all day tomorrow, and really wanted to do something fun tonight because this week has sucked, and having to work tomorrow also sucks. But, apparently that’s just not going to happen today.


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