Praha tips…

Two recent discoveries…

Thaiko restaurant, serves Thai and Japanese primarily (including Sushi). Trams 7, 18, 24 to Svatoplukova, right on Jaromirova. Food is delicious, and reasonably cheap. I had the yellow curry and spring rolls, and they were amazing. The first really, really spicy food I’ve had in 6 months. Although we did have to specify that we wanted it spicy. Bring it on and such.
The Prague Castle Picture Gallery is free on Mondays from 4-6. We were there for about an hour, and could have spent a little more time. But I actually do look at the paintings, so I’m sure an hour is enough for most people. They have some nice pieces, mostly dating from 15th century on. Probably one of the best known pieces is a Titian… the “Young Woman at her Toilet”, is one of the most easily recognizable. So that was a nice thing to do on a rainy Monday.

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