Steps below Prague Metronome, 22.3.10

I thought this was an appropriate shot to kick off my new project. Now that I’ve made the decision that it’s time to move on, I’m going to get all sad and nostalgic, etc, etc, so this is what I’m going to do….

By my count, I have 71 days left in Prague (with a departure date of May 31st), and I’m going to attempt to take/post a picture every day of that. Hopefully I can get at least some of the silly little things that I see all the time and snap them for posterity and whatnot.

Today was a good day to start this. I walked about 4.5 miles around town and the weather was wonderful, the dogs were out, the tourists were swarming… typical spring in Praha. If I had been thinking properly, I probably should have gone with a 100-day countdown, or 50, but I decided this last night, so I guess we’ll go with 71. It makes less logical sense and is therefore perfect.


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