Part of the view from our roof today. 29.3.2011

Since we moved into our building, it has been undergoing almost constant renovation. About 6 months ago they started with the restaurant downstairs, and then around Christmas-time, they started with the apartment directly under us. So nearly every morning for the last 3+ months, we’ve heard the sounds of drilling (which carries through the whole building thanks to brick walls), hammering, pounding, etc. I’m convince that there is actually nothing in the apartment below us. I mean, nothing. As in, if you were to go through the door, you would be in a Nothing. (a la the Harry Potter Nothing scene). But somehow almost everyday there is still some sort of banging coming from under my room. I don’t know how it’s possible. However, they only work from 7-8a.m. to about 11a.m. I’m glad to finally solve the mystery of where the workers go when they stop work before noon. I guess that means I can check another Czech mystery off my list. Progress!

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