Building in Old Town. 8.4.2011

Today is April 30, which is the traditional ‘Burning of the Witches’ holiday. I was hoping to get out of Prague with some friends to visit a smaller city or village to celebrate (and maybe burn a witch or two), but between waiting for the maintenance man and not feeling well, that didn’t happen.

Another fun twist to living abroad is when something goes horridly, horridly wrong in your flat, and your maintenance person is not able to communicate what the problem is or negotiate a time-appropriate schedule for repairs. But not having hot water for 3 full days now in the bathroom has led to some slight frustrations on our part. It has also led to bucket baths…. i.e. heating up water in our kettle, dumping it into large pots, and using that to “shower” with. Good times. But he can’t get back with a repairman until Monday, so I guess we make do until then. This also keeps up our tradition of needing major repairs only over weekends (see: the Cursed Elevator). Fun, fun.


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