In-house thrift store? 9.5.2011

Q: What happens when everyone decides to leave?
A: You have to get rid of stuff.

Over the weekend, one of our flatmates and a friend decided to downsize their lives by having a thrift sale. I guess not too many people came by and they are going to take another crack at it this upcoming weekend. So in the meantime, this is what our living room looks like.

In other news, I’m getting some follow-ups to the schools I’ve applied to thus far in Germany. Ideally, I would have something that can start when I return in June, or July/August. As long as I get employment that will give me a hand with paperwork, I will be a happy girl. Especially since the summer camp thing didn’t pan out, I’d like to get working as soon as possible. I was really looking forward to doing a camp, but having to get up to Berlin to apply for a work permit on a Tuesday or Thursday was just not possible. But, c’est la vie. The clock is definitely winding down here, so I’m trying to get things in motion so I can pick up as soon as I get back.


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