New country, new title.

If anyone is actually reading this, please note the change of URL. Dankeschön.

So much to say, so little motivation to say it. I’ll start here.

I’m sitting in Germany in my ex-boyfriend’s house, listening to the sound of fireworks from the Volksfest across town. I’m heading down to Nuremberg both days this weekend to get things together for my first week of the new job, and to check out another flat.

It’s hard to get things together when you can barely keep it together. I’ll say that.

The job situation looks like it should fall in place pretty well. I may change my mind in the future, but from the outside, it looks like a much better prospect than what I was doing in Prague.

The personal situation is in tatters. I’ve been wrung in every direction and somehow I’m being the bad person. I can justify a million things (and I do), but this one is not on me.

So projects for this week are finding somewhere to live, and making my students like me. Let’s hop to it!


One thought on “New country, new title.

  1. Hello Heather!
    I am loving your blog!
    I am also PRAYING that you and/or your readers may be able to help me out a bit.
    I am an American, graduating(undergraduate) in December 2014, currently stressing over how to go about finding a job in Germany when I speak very little to no German.
    Could you shed some light on the situation? What you did? What resources you used?

    Thank you so much!


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