Gold Sonntag.

Not having a camera is killing me.

Last week I saw one of the craziest lightening storms you can imagine. It reminded me of the ones we had at home when I was a kid. If I had had a camera with some sort of time-lapse, I probably could have captured 10 bolts in a minute or two. Spread all across the sky. It was wild.

Now today it’s been gray and rainy pretty much since I got home around 2. About 20 minutes ago, it seemed to fizzle out and the clouds started to lift. I face pretty much south, but I can see the sun from the kitchen window on the opposite side of the house. But out my living room window all I see are the bottoms of clouds lit up gold and purple, moving away from the city. In the breaks of the clouds you can see the blue sky for the first time today. It was so beautiful that I moved to the balcony to see the buildings around all lit up in gold as well. And across the park, just out of my view from the couch, was a double rainbow.

I need a camera.


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