Nürnberg Resolutions

Today is my 3-weekiversary in my new flat. I finished unpacking pretty quickly, but this weekend I finally got around to the complete cleaning and organization part. The papers all over the floor were making me slightly crazy, so I picked up some binders and sorted out all my school papers. I need some dividers, but other than that, I think I’m finally in pretty good shape. 

So I decided that in the spirit of cleaning and organizing, I should start a Nürnberg Resolutions list. These are things I would like to do while living here, since I don’t have quite as many distractions as I had v Praze…. (or so it seems). 
  • Keep my flat as clean as it is right now. Despite the pink tile in the bathroom, I love this place. It is the perfect size for one person, it’s delightfully colorful and I’ve tried to make it home. The goal is to keep it that way.
  • Get back to doing pilates or yoga on some sort of a regular basis. I may have to invest in a cheap, region-free DVD player for this one, but I think it would be worth it.
  • Read more. I heard a rumor that there’s a library here with English books. I need to look into it further, but I’m a little tired of reading my same 20 books over and over. 
  • Save some money… really this time.
  • Write more. Especially since I don’t have people here to talk to constantly, I’m going to need an outlet somewhere. I’ve got a few things I’ve been working on, which I’m sure will make their way onto here eventually.
  • In that spirit, be honest. Always. I’ve been doing pretty well with that, and it’s only bitten me in the ass a few times…
  • Work on more photo projects. Pending having a working camera. Agh.
  • Keep my plants alive. My basil is looking pretty droopy, but I think it’s been too cold for it. 
  • Plan some further trips. Right now I have Munich in September with visiting friends, and home for Christmas, but I would like to look into a workaway plan for next summer. I’m not sure if I want to go work on an organic farm, but there were lots of really interesting sounding options…. working at a B&B on a Greek island for a week springs to mind…. 
  • Suggestions??

 Things to think about. But all I’ve got is time.

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