Things I ♥ about Deutschland Vol. 1

I actually started a post about things I ♥ about Deutschland, but I feel that this one needs to be shared immediately. It was amazing.*

 Just yesterday I was running late (as per usual), and I went rocketing down the stairs into the U-Bahn at Plärrer and I was lamenting the fact that I had no idea if I had just missed the train I needed or not. I was actually missing the Metro in Prague, and the fact that they have a clock that shows you how long it’s been since the last train, so you can at least get a general idea of when the next is coming; or they have the info/advertising screens that countdown until the next train. I was thinking about how I’ve been admiring the screens on a lot of the tram stops and in some of the U-Bahns that have the countdown on them, and wishing they had those at Plärrer. Today, I went running down the stairs into the U-Bahn, and they have installed the new screens!!

It’s the little things. But one of the mains things I’ve been enjoying here is the instant gratification, or at the very least, the speediness factor. So I heart the speediness/up-to-date-ness/technology factor they’ve got going here.

*I recognize that my definition of amazing may be really lame.


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