Praha Must-Do List

I can’t seem to escape the Praha. A few of the people I’ve met here are traveling to Prague next month, and they asked for recommendations on things to see and do, so here’s my list of what they should try to hit.
  • Ride the 22 up the hill. Stand in the back and watch the city unfold. Get off at Pohorelec and walk up to the castle from the front. 
  • Or go to the right and go over to the Strahov Monastery. There’s a great view from the vineyard on the other side of the wall, and after that you can check out the library. They have one of most beautiful libraries in the world.
  • Ride the funicular up Petrin hill. Climb the mini Eiffel tower for a great castle view, and then wind your way down through the fruit trees. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, bring a sandwich and a few pivos and pick a spot halfway up for a good few hours with a book or friends.
  • Check out some gardens. I like the Gardens on the Ramparts, the Palace Gardens, and the Wallenstein garden, with it’s crazy limestone drip wall. 
  • While you’re in Mala Strana, you have to find the Lennon Wall and the lock bridge. Then walk past Kampa and say hi to the creepy babies and the penguins.
  • See the horses: the original statue of Svaty Vaclav on Wenceslas Square, and then the upside-down David Cerny version in Palac Lucerna. 
  • Speaking of Lucerna, if you need something to do on a Friday or Saturday night, go to the 80’s/90’s party. It happens pretty much every weekend (barring some other event), and it is one of the most epic things you’ll ever see. Everyone needs to bust a move to the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack at least once in their lives.
  • For some culture and history, do the Jewish Quarter tour. It’s worth it just to see the inside of the Spanish Synagogue. Or if it’s a Saturday or you don’t feel like doing the whole thing, find the door on 17. listopadu (street to the right of the Rudolfinum), and there’s a door in the wall around the cemetery. You can peek in the window of the door and at least see a bit of the cemetery. Also you can get a good view from the steps of the Ceremonial Hall, and usually there isn’t anyone watching to kick you off. 
  • Take the red Metro out to Vysehrad. Walk around the fortified wall, get a great city view and visit some of the Czech Republics most famous names in a strange and beautiful cemetery. Hit the beer garden after-wards and watch the kids and dogs play.
  • If you want “nice” Czech food, try Kolkovna by Old Town Square. Food and beer are good and the location is convenient.
  • If you want insane Czech food, take the 7, 18, or 24 tram to Albertov and go to Restaurace Pod Slavinem. I would recommend any of the Bramboraky, aka the most insane potato pancake you will ever see. If you bring home a box, you can eat that thing for 2-3 days. Walk along the river back to the center if you can move after your meal.
That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Anyone have any others??

6 thoughts on “Praha Must-Do List

  1. The Peach Pit!

    Also, maybe I'm weird in this, but I was always fascinated by the lonely feeling of ruin and communism at the Invalidovna stop on the 8 tram.

    Wandering around old town at night was always atmospheric.

    Go to a Tesco and observe the many many types of toilet paper. Ha.

    Visit one of the classic coffee shops in town, such as Savoy or Slavia.

  2. Ah, forgot about the Peach Pit! Hilarity at it's best.

    I don't think I was ever at that tram stop, but go to the Luziny metro stop and czech out the panel-locks and the “shopping center”. Eek.

    And my vote for the classic coffee house goes to Cafe Louvre.

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