Things I ♥ about Deutschland Vol. 2

Things I really ♥ about Deutschland thus far…
  •  Fireworks on a Sunday night. At 10:45. No idea what that was about.
  • Watching the sky change at sunset from my balcony. I can’t see the actual sun going down, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.
  • My students actually doing their homework. Most of them are overachievers and do extra. It’s amazing.
  • Endless sandwiches and pastries. Bäckereien at every turn. I’m looking forward to Christmas season…. Nürnberg is famous for its gingerbread and I can’t wait to get my hands on some with a glass of Glühwein.
  • People-watching. There aren’t as many tourists here but there’s a lot more diversity in a lot of ways. Which makes it more interesting.
  • The speed of Deutsch Post. Here’s a helpful hint: if you open a bank account on Monday afternoon, make sure to put your name on your mailbox BEFORE Thursday, or you will miss the first of the 2 letters necessary to operate your new debit card. It came and was sent back because I am slower than the mail service. Whoops. 
  • Speaking of quick service: I have been having a fantastic time comparing and contrasting the steps required to become legal here. I’ll do a full comparison post when I have my permits (knock on wood), but thus far it’s been a far sight easier than the guessing/hoping for the best approach of Prague.* (*Disclaimer: By writing this I fully accept the fact that this might blow up on me and I will eat my words at that time.)
  • Willingness to be out and about despite crummy weather. This weekend was Bardentreffen (more on that later), and despite steady rain all day yesterday and gray skies all day today, it was still packed and people were out enjoying the music. 


    3 thoughts on “Things I ♥ about Deutschland Vol. 2

    1. Why do you chose an bank account at the Deutsche Post? Because it is free? You should have chose an account at the SpardaBank. It's also free and with a better service than the Deutsche Post ever have.

    2. Tom, Deutsche Post was recommended to me for banking, but I don't have a bank account with them. I have a different bank. I meant that the post service here is quite fast (at least compared to the last few years in the Czech Republic).

    3. You are right, the post service itself is fast (the sending of letters), but if you have to wait at the post office counter to receive a post service, the post office clerk is not that fast as you wish :).

      Which of course does not necessarily mean, that with each post station it is the same.

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