A bit about Bardentreffen….

This was the Spanish drumline (I guess?) called La Banda del Surdo. They were pretty wicked, so check out their youtube!
So this weekend was Bardentreffen here in Nürnberg. Basically, it’s a music festival with stages all over the Altstadt that have different acts on all day. In addition, people are welcome to set up (almost) everywhere and play their own music. This made me super happy, as one of my most-missed things about Milwaukee is Summerfest. In my opinion, there are few things more fantastic than listening to live music with a cool beer in your hand in the summer sun. Or summer evening. Either way. Anyway. The theme this year was “Viva Espana” so quite a few Hispanic-themed acts were on the big stages. The weather this weekend… well… it left something to be desired. Summer sun was not on the menu. I never thought I’d be triple-layered and under an umbrella on the last weekend of July but I never thought I’d be living in Germany either. So there you go. But the rain wasn’t too much of a deterrent, as people were still out in force. Walking with an umbrella through the crowd was not my cup of tea, but overall it was a pretty fun weekend. Hopefully next year I’ll even know some other people to enjoy it with! 

Additionally, my camera has now decided to be functional again! So I’m not sure if I just wore it out the last few weeks in Prague or what, but at least I was able to get some pictures of the weekend. No dice on getting any without people in them, but that just wasn’t in the cards. And no idea why blogger has decided that this paragraph should be in italics, but oh well.

It stopped raining on Sunday, but the gray sky just wouldn’t lift. But at least people could set up their instruments/equipment on the street and not under cover like Saturday. It was really interesting to see the variety of acts. You had 4-piece brass groups of old men, a couple of teenagers plucking guitars, little kids with recorders; pretty much any combination you could think of. I think my favorite was a trio of kids set up in a passageway on Saturday in the rain; when I went by, the girl was belting out something in German about “sommer” and “sonnenschein”. No idea what the rest of it was, but if she was trying to summon better weather, it was not working. Good try, though. It was something to see though. I’ve certainly never seen so many people carrying around large string instruments, or playing percussion on the side of a box before. 

So if anyone is interested, I guess this goes on every year. Come on over in 2012 and bring your tambourine! 

And now some random pictures of the events….

The main stage in the Hauptmarkt. I think this was Paula Morelenbaum.

This kid had a huge crowd gathered around. I believe the sign on the bass says “searching for a metal band”. This kid DOES NOT NEED a band. Could easily be a one-man show. Insanely awesome drumming.

Agh, lady in my way. Trio on the street.

I enjoy the use of leis in their act.

An over-the-crowd heads shot at the Irish bar on the river. You couldn’t even walk through here.

I was just thinking I needed a guy with a guitar when I happened past Lorenzer Platz. Not sure what his name is, either Me & Reas or AndDreas. Either way, he was catchy.

Back at the main stage. I believe this was Aurelio.

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