Fun mit deutschen!

I would like to learn German. So far, I don’t have the time/resources to take a proper class, so I will have to settle for learning things from my students and watching German TV. So here are some gems from the last two days….

  • der Hering: herring (obviously), and tent stake (via a lesson about a tent). Should come in handy if I want to go camping or buy fish.
  • die Kantinenfrau: lunch lady (via watching the episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ about being on the hook. Lilly kept talking about Kantinenfrau Scooter. Hilarity ensues.)

At this rate, I’ll be all kinds of fluent in no time!


3 thoughts on “Fun mit deutschen!

  1. Watching TV is cheaper and more convenient than taking lessons. And it fits in well with my ADD. For example, I'm writing this while watching Malcolm in the Middle.

    PS~ Stalking is ok. As long as someone is reading, I feel less like I'm talking to myself.

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