Saturday ramblings.

 A few weeks ago I wrote up some resolutions, one of which was to keep my plants alive. As you can see, my Dahlia is doing fantastically. It’s got about ten flowers on it in full bloom right now and it makes me super happy. My geranium  has zero flowers, but today I noticed a new bunch of buds, so I think it just needed some adjustment time and is coming back. My cherry tomato has been getting too much water (yay German summer), and a lot of the leaves have gone yellow or gotten sort of  moldy, so I’ve moved it inside with the basil. This week it came out with a whole bunch of new flowers though, so I think it’s recovering. When we had tomatoes at home, they always died because of lack of water, so I’ve got the opposite situation going here. The basil is still droopy, but it’s got plenty of leaves on it. 

My life is super exciting, no?
Also, there has been some concern about my eating or lack thereof. To that I say, staying in bed as long as possible and not eating breakfast before going to classes that start at 12:30 is a personal choice. I eat dinner. And I’m only mildly embarrassed when my stomach makes completely insane noises during class. Ok, maybe I need to work on that. But, here’s my proof that I do occasionally eat. My favorite mozzarella/tomato/basil/stuff salad, and some stuffed red peppers from the way-too-expensive Mediterranean food carts in the AltStadt. Watch out for those ladies. They trick you with delicious samples and next thing you know you’ve spent 24 euros.

As for the other resolutions, I’m doing alright with the reading and writing. I also found the  English library (so to speak), which is at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Nuremberg
(Note: the mystery italics are back. This is what I get for trying to copy and paste things. Ending digression now.) So, the library. It’s a pretty good deal; ten Euros for a library card for a year. They have a wide variety of books, magazines, and some other media. Which is great because I know at least one of my classes has requested activities with newspaper articles in class. And luckily I got my card on Friday, which is the last day they were open for a month. So I get my books for two months, and my magazine for six weeks. Woo! I got a couple of novels, and the May issue of Vanity Fair. But I’ve spent all afternoon in the sun on the balcony and already polished off “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. Maybe I should have gotten six books instead of four. Whoops. Hopefully the collection of four Steinbeck novels will take me more than an afternoon. 
What else. Last night I went to the couchsurfing beer garden meet-up here. It’s the big Franconian weekend event for them, but I figured going to one event was enough. I got my friend I met here to come with me, and thank goodness for that. I talked to a few people, but mostly only with her, and my ‘group situations’ social skills have definitely not improved at all. You would think after 2+ years living abroad I would have gotten better, but no dice. I am 95% sure that I will never be one of those people who can sit down at a table and introduce myself to a bunch of strangers. In one-on-one situations, I’m ok, but if there are more than 4 or 5 people, I’m just a disaster. So some of the people there did seem pretty nice, but it was kind of a wash. So for now, we’ll stick to beers and books a la balcony.  
Speaking of beers, I think tomorrow the afore-mentioned friend and I are going to venture to Fränkische Schweiz to try this hiking/beer tour.  Because what goes together better than physical activity and beer?*

*Inappropriate answers are acceptable.


8 thoughts on “Saturday ramblings.

  1. Are you originally from the Czech Republic? I haven't thought that people there are so good in the english language.

    How have you learned it?

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