Bahn-venture Eins.

Well, my cursed Tchibo internet stick ran out of credit. So I’ve been marooned in my house without contact with the facebox for a thousand years. Ok, since yesterday. So here I am, at the Starbucks, soaking in the joys of two hours of free internet and a Chai Tea Latte. Fun! 
Another fun fact: on the way here I experienced something that I did not think actually happened outside of movies. I got hit on, on the street. And let me tell you, it is weird. But in the process of the walk from the tram stop to the Starbucks, I learned that this gentlemen was Russian/German, studies here, thinks I have a nice figure and that the Manson murders were a conspiracy between Roman Polanski, the KGB, and possibly something about Irish mafia. He kinda lost me at that point because in my head all I was thinking was, “is this seriously happening? Do guys normally walk up to girls on the street and start discussing Charles Manson? And whether or not he wrote good songs for the Beach Boys? Where the hell am I?”  Cripes. 
And now on to what I was actually going to talk about…. 

Greetings from Venice! Decided to take a little hop down to Italy this weekend, so here you go. Or not. My life isn’t that exciting. I did however, venture out to Bamberg with a friend, and it was a lovely little city. Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And chock full of American tourists. Run! Run away! It did bring up at least one important point though.

I need to keep walking as much as I do, and possibly start working out more generally. Walking down 2 flights of stairs while a large tourist group goes up it is super depressing when half the people are huffing and puffing. It was not a giant flight of stairs. Or coming alongside a tourist group when the leader is asking if they would prefer to walk down the aforementioned stairs, or take the “slow way down” (aka, walking downhill on the street), and a woman puffs up and says “the  slow way” is pretty alarming. I realize most Americans are pretty car-dependent, but they were walking downhill. It should not have been that taxing. Ok, rant over. The moral of the story is: I do not want to be 55 and get winded walking down hills. That seems like a very bad thing.

So what else. Bamberg is full of lovely old Fachwerk buildings. So there’s a lot of this:

 Maybe I’m weird (ok, not maybe), but I want to make a blanket out of Fachwerk and cuddle in it. I love it that much. 

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this previously, but another thing that’s fantastic about Europe is how pet-friendly they are. You see dogs pretty much everywhere. Store, restaurants, baby strollers, etc. And for the most part, they are well-behaved whether or not they’re on the leash. I love our dog, but there’s no way Kaylee would walk nicely alongside any member of our family in a city. She’d be all over the place making friends with everyone. But here they mostly stick to their owners. And so they are rewarded with access to public places and treats at restaurants. I saw this little gem outside a store near the Bamberg center, along with some posters of pets for adoption. (At least I think that’s what it was). But I thought it was pretty cute. 


So all in all, it was a nice afternoon out of Nürnberg. The original plan was to do this beer hike, but despite our best attempts with manipulating, we were unable to find a satisfactory way to get to this village where you should start the hike. So if anyone is reading this and can advise us how to get to Aufseß, please let me know. Granted, not the best thing to try on a Sunday. But, will make another attempt at another point in time. 

One last aside: while sitting in Starbucks typing this, I got a phone call from Nürnberg public transport to see if I was satisfied with their service. And if I had any questions, or wanted further information about tickets. Weird.


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