Things I ♥ about Deutschland Vol. 3

  • The way the Germans say, “Ah, soooo.” I don’t know if it’s the inflection or what, but it’s funny and kind of sweet every time.
  • Dog watching. It’s almost as much fun as people watching.
  • The penchant for stylish eyewear. It’s like the era of giant 70’s/80’s plastic glasses never happened… and thank goodness for that; my mom’s old glasses were scaaaaaaary.
  • Little boys on the public transport playing shooting games with pretzels. I don’t condone guns, or violence generally, but it’s a lot cuter when they’re shooting each other with baked goods.  
  • The kitteh that stalks me from the balcony 2 down from mine. He comes scampering out to watch me when I come in and out… my keys must sound like fun. But he is quite handsome and gray, but without an epic beard like Frodo. 

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