To be fair,

There are also some things about Deutschland that make me say “grumble.” This occurred to me as I was stomping across the room this morning to shut my balcony door and then flinging myself back under the blanket with a pillow over my head. In the spirit of this morning, here are some things about Deutschland that make me say “scheiβe.”

  • Pigeons. Specifically, the pigeons that fly on and off my building all morning. I assume they have nests up there, but I really don’t know. Being that I’m on the top floor, I am greeted every morning by several hours of them making weird cooing noises and flapping their wings excessively as they take off and land on the roof of my balcony. Since I almost always sleep with the windows and balcony door open for the air, it’s pretty noisy. And occasionally, I wake up convinced by the noise that one has actually flown into my flat. Frickin’ pigeons.
  • Along the same lines, my radiator makes a lot of noise in the morning. It’s not on, and I’m hoping this is a good sign for winter (proof that it works?), but all morning it makes these ticking noises. Tick. Tick tick. TICK-tic-tick-tic. Combine that with the aeronautical wing noises from above and it gets loud. So I kind of find myself in the same situation as in Prague (but to a much lesser extent): wherein yes, I can sleep for a long time, and I can sleep late, but it is  not steady sleep. I wake up roughly 5-6 times. Sensible people would say, “just stay up. Be productive.” Nah. 
  • This summer’s weather. It is August, and while I’m glad to not be sitting in a constant state of ‘swamp ass,’ as is common at home in August; I would like to wear sandals and not have to carry an umbrella everywhere. My tomato plant got mold on it from being too damp. This is not normal. I think every week I’ve been here I’ve been caught in some sort of freak sudden down pour. Multiple times I have walked home without shoes because flip flops or even some of my flats are absolutely useless in pouring rain. Luckily when I went out last night, I opted for my non-Converse sneakers. Which came in handy when the flood happened right as I was heading home. 

So there you have it. At least some things here make me bonkers. But now, I have to shower and head to town for some fruit and a few other things. It’s gray and yucky looking, so I will have the umbrella in hand and sensible shoes on. Can’t fight the man some days.


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