All joking aside…

Don’t laugh at me.


This is a legitimate question.

Do you think anyone at Tchibo has realized that their logo looks like a sperm?


Do they know???

And I’m not just saying that because this stupid internet stick is basically the bane of my existence and horribly slow and I’m not going to be able to watch youtube videos and Packer games and the Jersey Shore until I get real internet in a few weeks. 

It looks dirty. That is my totally objective opinion.*

Don’t even get me started on the giant building I go by on the tram that says “Assman” on the front. I’ll have to get a picture of that at a later time. 

*If you work for Tchibo, please don’t send me hate mail. Or sue me. That would suck.

7 thoughts on “All joking aside…

  1. Agreed. Also, is it supposed to be a steaming coffee bean? That's the only thing I can think.


    PS. It still makes me laugh how much I seem like your stalker. And I'm totally ok with it.

  2. I'm sure it's supposed to be be a steaming bean. And I wonder how much they paid some designer to make them the sperm logo.

    PS~ It's ok. Stalking is the most sincere form of flattery?

  3. PS. Didn't comment on it, but am loving Mumford & Sons. I resisted for a long time because SO many people were like “Oh they are so wonderful BLAH BLAH BLAH”, but then I finally gave in. Love.


  4. haha… hilarious. I never even noticed that… although I must say Tchibo is the most random store I've ever been to. Coffee? Sure. Jewelery? Okay. Three pairs of shoes and a bathrobe? I don't get what the Germans love about it.

  5. RZ~ They are pretty fantastic. I think my favorite song is 'Little Lion Man'. Not having side neighbors or anyone under me comes in handy sometimes, and I definitely bounced around the flat like a spastic marmot (whatever that means), to that song the other night.

    Herself~ Glad I could bring the sperm-ness to your attention! 🙂 And agreed, that store is bizarre. Sure… I would love an internet stick, a pepper grinder (I do need one actually), and a fitted sheet with my espresso. And yes, maybe some shoes as well. Just odd.

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