Productive Pants Weekend Wrap-Up:

I didn’t leave the flat today (Sunday). I thought about it a few times. It was beautiful this morning, but I made a deal with myself. I said, “Heather, if you can finish off the lesson plans you’ve been working on, you can go out and enjoy the day.”

But you already know how that ends. Didn’t quite finish them, and then it poured for a while anyway so I figured the nice weather ship had sailed. But the point of this was that I had a few goals for this weekend and they were mostly accomplished…

I got back on the Quicken train… so I definitely lost about 2.5 months of record-keeping, but now I will pay attention to where my money is going. It’s a lot easier for me to save/watch my spending if one of their wonderful pie charts tells me how much I’m spending on stupid crap. Visual learning, wee!

I also got through aaaaaaaalmost all my lesson plans. Considering I was 5 weeks behind, I think that’s pretty good. I had about 45 to do, and I have 4 left. Not bad. And to clarify, I did teach these lessons (and was awesome at it), but I didn’t fill out the appropriate form that the school wants. Details. 

Got my suitcase back. It is never just about the suitcase.

Hit the farmers market yesterday and stocked up on some delish fruit, some more of the yummy Greek spread, and even sprang for some fresh flowers. Farmers markets are marvelous. 

Cleaned the flat. Somehow already have a stack of dishes in the sink. Don’t know how that happens. But my hot water situation in the kitchen means that I have to do dishes strategically. That might have to be another post (with pictures), because it’s weird, and very Deutsch, and hard to explain.  

I finished the issue of Vanity Fair I got from the library. If you love me, you will get me a subscription. It’s my birthday soon. Just sayin’. 

Replied to six people who want to SprachDuo with me. Awesome. Hopefully soon I’ll have a vocabulary that exceeds things like “Kantinenfrau”. Even though that is a great word. 

I also realized that I have some pretty bitchin’ friends. They may not be in the same zip code (or country, or continent), but it’s ok. I know they exist, they’ll listen when I’m spazzing, they are fantastic, supportive, hilarious, and that’s the most important thing. 

I thought I had a better one, but this fits pretty well. Image via Postsecret

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