Holiday Trickery.

From my balcony, I can see three churches.


I can also hear three churches. So on a normal day, I hear church bells roughly every 15 minutes. They don’t all ring at the same time, or on the same schedule, but basically I always have an idea of what time it is. I had a huge church right across the street from my window in Prague, but those bells were wild. They usually rang at about 10 minutes to the hour, and then at seemingly random times. Here, they’re a little more reliable.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m only working Tuesday-Thursday right now. (Working three days a week is pretty much awesome, and you should definitely be jealous.) So on my days off, I sometimes like to play this fun little game in the morning. It’s called “15 more minutes” and I prefer to play it with church bells rather than an obnoxious alarm clock. It’s a pretty simple concept, while laying in bed, and thinking about getting up and being productive; you make a deal with yourself to get up when the next church bell rings. So ideally, you get at least 15 more minutes in bed. 

Today, I was thwarted.

So at about 9am I woke up and decided to play “15 more minutes.” Apparently it’s a holiday. And a Catholic holiday to boot…. Assumption Day. At least that’s what  my German planner tells me.

“What does that mean?” you may be asking.

It means the flippin’ bells aren’t ringing, that’s what it means. So naturally I fell back asleep at 9, and then didn’t wake back up until 10:30. Not like I had anything super important to do, but I try not to sleep very late on Mondays, otherwise I have trouble getting to sleep/waking up early on Tuesdays. 

I’m really not sure what’s going on with these damn bells. One rang at 11:30, and they rang at noon. I heard one at 5pm, but the usual 15-minute intervals are gone. Or maybe it’s just one church that’s still going, and the others get the day off. I guess there is the possibility that one of my three churches is a Lutheran one, and so it’s not on holiday. 

In the interest of emailing photos, I headed to town to use faster internet somewhere. It was a zoo. Tons of people everywhere. Wikipedia tells me that today is not a national holiday, and people shouldn’t have the day off unless they live in Augsberg, Munich, or any of the other 1700 communities with mostly Catholic citizens. So I don’t know if people just took the day off, are off on holiday and didn’t travel anywhere, or if everyone from Augsberg/Munich/1700 random communities just decided to come to Nürnberg to shop. It was a lot of people… seemingly all of whom wanted to drink coffee and thwart my attempt to go somewhere were I wouldn’t have to wait for coffee and plug in my computer. Tricky.


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