Bahn-venture Zwei.

Oh man, Germany, your summer is messing with my head. It has officially gone from cool and rain every day to A MILLION DEGREES. It is un-Godly hot. Rumor has it that it will storm for the next few days… I’m ok with that as long as it cools off too. And the bugs have arrived as well, and they’re all hanging out in my flat because I have the window open and a light on at night. Fun! Nature! 

Sorry… I’m really hot and not making sense anymore. Anyway, on to the point!!

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned an attempt to go and do a beer hike in the Fränkische Schweiz. I’m happy to report that this weekend it actually happened. And I have a certificate to prove it! (Because everything is better with certification). True story.

The Brauerienweg takes you to four breweries in the countryside. Apparently, these breweries in the village of Aufseß are the Guinness World Record holders for the highest density of breweries in the world. Which is pretty sweet. So you hit these four breweries, have a beer, get your form stamped, and move along.

Saturday morning, I met up with a friend and her boyfriend at the train station and we made our way to ‘the nature.’ Two trains and a specially designated bus later, and we found ourselves in Aufseß. In retrospect, it would have been better for us to hike the 5km to the next village and start our tour at the Brauerei Stadter, but apparently we were thirsty. So we started at the Brauerei Rothenbach. As we walked in, a group of about 12 German gentlemen were singing themselves out of the bar complete with guitar. It boded well for the rest of the day.

Bier eins: Brauerei Rothenbach

After the Brauerei Rothenbach, we took a leisurely 2km stroll (slightly uphill), to the Brauerei Kathi Bräu. This is apparently the premiere German biker destination, as I’m pretty sure we were the only patrons not dressed in black/leather and carrying helmets. We did however, see our singing friends from the first bar. They played classic German drinking songs such as “Country Roads Take Me Home,” and other favorites. (Side note: only one month to Oktoberfest!) I think this beer was the favorite of the day, and it was a pretty sweet barn/biker atmosphere. In case you were wondering, in the second picture, the beer garden is behind the barn. Awesome.

Bier zwei: Brauerei Kathi Bräu

 Here’s our official Beer Hike form at the halfway (beer-wise, not hike-wise) mark….

For the next part, we had another short 2km walk. We missed something somewhere though, and ended up going back to the road, and following that instead of the designated path. Either way, we got to Hochstahl, the next village. The singing gentlemen were there as well, and we got to hear some more sweet tunes. At this brewery, you were responsible for fetching your own beers from the stand, as the waitresses were strictly for coffee and cake. Or at least, those were the only other things that people were ordering. Beer, cake, coffee, a delicious combination. But we stuck to the beer, which was delicious even without cake on the side.

Bier drei: Brauerei Reichold

After our third beer, we had one of the ‘long’ walks, 5km, to the final brewery on the list. The trail to Brauerei Stadter took us through a bit of forest, as well as along fields of corn and sunflowers. It was lovely, but summer finally arrived in Germany this week and it was toooooooasty warm. So the last beer was well-earned. 

Bier vier: Brauerei Stadter

After Brauerei Stadter, we had another 5km walk back to the first brewery. There we snagged one more beer, (and some ice cream), and got our official certificate….

 And that my friends, is what we call accomplishment.

Sadly, we slightly missed the last bus from the village (mind you, it only goes like, 4 times a day), and had to take a taxi to get back to a town to get a train from. But other than that, a solid day all around. And now, for a few random pictures of other fun things we saw along the 14 kilometer trail….

Gnomes lurk in every garden…
I love the combination of neatly stacked wood, the honor system for veggies (just like home), and a kiddie tractor!
Teeny tiny chapel.
Hallo, friend!!


5 thoughts on “Bahn-venture Zwei.

  1. I totally sympathise with you over the weather – it's ROASTING over here too. Your weekend trip looks brilliant, though… I could totally climb into one of those beers right now. Great blog 🙂

  2. Danke Frau Dietz… I definitely recommend a trip to the Brauereinweg! I was just thinking on the way home how awesome it would be to swim in a nice, cool Radler-pool. One of my students said he keeps a kiddie pool on his balcony and I'm considering that as well. And thanks for the compliment… I greatly enjoy your blog as well! 🙂

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