I ♥ Packages!

One of the simple joys of living abroad is getting stuff in the mail. At home, I think about the only things that ever came in the mail were bills and birthday cards from the G-ma. Cards= great, bills = not so much. But when you move abroad people seem to love sending stuff… from contact solution and Skittles to the most random clothing items from the closet (thanks mom and dad)… pretty much whatever can be stuffed into a box will find it’s way over here. So check out what I got today….

 I mean, really? How cute is this? I had to take a picture of it before I opened it… and what was inside, you may ask? Well… I had been warned of possible smashing, so I was a bit concerned. But all the fluffy paper cushioned everything pretty well, and inside…. I found this!

A lovely picture to add to my decor and COOKIES! Definitely süß.

Dankeschön, Court!


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