süß Donnerstag.

 Happy Thursday all… 

So today’s cake comes from one of the bakeries at the Hauptbahnhof, because that was the only damn thing that was open and semi-on my way home past 8p.m. I have absolutely no idea what it actually was, because it wasn’t labeled, but there was cake on the bottom, a vanilla filling, and the red part was cherry something. It tasted good but I worked super hard for it so I’m biased.

How did I work hard for it? Well to answer that question, I’m going to do one of those goofy blogger things where they ask you to show what’s in your purse or bag or something.

On a daily basis I have the following items with me:

In my actual purse on the left, I have my large and heavy folder with all the materials for my 10 classes. I’ve been meeting people for Sprachduos (language exchange, more on that in the future),  at least 4-5 days a week, so I have one of my German books, and a dictionary. The red book is my planner, and the other notebook is a journal/German notebook. I also grabbed a VAG schedule for the Volksfest from the tram the other day, so I have that. Then you have the wallet, mirror and powder compact, chapstick/lipstick (why I have 3 when I don’t use it that often, I don’t know), a bunch of pens/highlighters, mints, eyedrops and sunglasses. Usually I also have a bottle of water, but I traded in my bottle at the Yorma this evening. If I have room, I usually have a novel of some sort too. But no room at the inn today. And sometimes keys and cell phone if I don’t have pockets.

In the other canvas bag, I have the umbrella (or that goes in the purse when I have room), but I never leave home without it. If I’m planning on doing any listening exercises in class, I also have to carry the CD player. With 3-4 classes a day, there is almost always a listening. Also, on the way home tonight, I had a liter of Coke Light, as I must stay awake tonight and do a bunch of paperwork. Blah.

As for the cake: When you buy a cake from the bakery, they put it on a small cardboard plate, and gingerly put it inside a bag for you. So unless you want your cake crushed, you must carry it home  carefully. I definitely didn’t have room for it in my purse today, and no room in the canvas bag either, so I carried it from the Hauptbahnhof all the way home, on my hand waitress-style. It’s about a 15-minute walk. So giant heavy purse on the right shoulder, canvas bag hanging from left arm (banging against legs), and precious cake on the left hand. If someone jumped me, I would be screwed.

Twice today I had students offer to carry something for me when we had to  move rooms, and twice today I told them that I’m pretty used to juggling. In America, we just throw stuff in our car and call it a day. But here, you often have to carry your life around with you. It’s just something you have to learn to do.

To give an idea, here’s how my schedule went today:
11:30-12:15: Travel to work via tram, U-Bahn, and bus
12:30-17:30: Teach 3 classes, unpacking/repacking and moving rooms between all 3
17:30-18:15: Travel back to center via bus, U-Bahn and 15-minute walk
18:15-18:30: Grab quick sandwich
18:30-20:00: Sprachduo at a cafe
20:00: U-Bahn to the school office to grab paperwork
20:10: U-Bahn to Hauptbahnhof to pick up a drink and cake
20:15: Walk home for 15 minutes, climb 4 flights of stairs to your flat
20:30: Finally get to put all your Scheiße down
20:45: Eat cake. Rejoice! 

The bags aren’t heavy in the morning, but after a few trips across the city, you are definitely ready to put them down at the end of the day. And eat cake!

PS~ I’ve been getting a lot of views lately, so if you’d like to follow me, please click the ‘Follow’ button up at the top of the screen! If I have more than 3 people, I might even put one of those nifty ‘Follower’ boxes on the side… but not until I’m more popular. 🙂 Dankeschön!!


6 thoughts on “süß Donnerstag.

  1. Hi Cookie…
    On my screen (no idea if it's the same on yours), there is a dark blue Blogger bar above my blog. On the left, there is a search field, and next to it, the link to 'follow.' Hope this helps!

  2. You might need to sign in before you can follow. But I know nothing. 🙂

    It may ease your mind to know that I also always carry 3 lip products with me, though I almost always just use chapstick. Why do we do this??

    – RZ

    PS. My “word verification” for this comment is “festosag”. Would you agree that this would be a festival of sagging flesh?

  3. Good point Roni, you might need a google account or something. I don't pretend to know the mysteries of the interwebz.
    Additionally, I had 4 lip products, but one apparently fell out unbeknownst to me at some point, because I just found it under the coffee table.
    And yes, that would be a festival of sagging flesh. No diggity, no doubt.

  4. I spent a little over a week touring Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg with my orchestra this past summer and became very interested in Germany. I had an amazing time and loved the culture, plus the people were so friendly. I've enjoyed reading your blog because I would like to live there at some point in my life, I also really like your cake posts! They all look so good! 🙂

    How do you like living Germany? Was it difficult adjusting to a new place/culture? And which has been your favorite dessert thus far?


  5. Hi Joseph, thanks for your message! Germany is great, and really it hasn't been a dramatic adjustment for me. But I have been in Europe for a few years now, so that softens the blow. The culture is only strange occasionally… for example, I just looked up at my TV and they're showing highlights from a German reality show and it was a rear shot of a pantsless man clearly drying his junk. That's not something you'll see on American TV.
    As for a favorite dessert, they're all good! I've only been doing the cake project for a few weeks, so I'll have to get back to you on that. I did see quite a few epic looking cakes at a bakery this weekend, so I know where I'm going this week!

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