Take that technology!

Big news today… I have real internet! And I have a landline phone, which is very retro. I haven’t had a landline phone (apart from at my parent’s house), since I lived in the dorms. It’s kind of funny. But for the most part, all the internet packages come with flat-rate phone service. That I don’t care about. I just wanted normal, fast internet. And I have it, finally. Which means I can watch videos and do more than one thing at once, upload pictures in less than 30 minutes… all kinds of exciting stuff. So to celebrate, I would like to share these very amusing things.  

Really Germany? Really?

My phone and router are both named Fritz. Again, really Germany? 

Sometimes they just make it too easy to laugh. 

But I was able to successfully connect everything and am now all wired to the super speedy internet. The German directions had me a bit confuzzled, but I worked it out and am rather proud of myself.

Hehe. Fritz! Fon. 

I was at a home store earlier today, and I made another super-awesome purchase that I’d like to share. Some of my closer friends may know of my enthusiasm for all things penguin or gnome-related, and today I found this….

Damn right that’s a gnome candle-holder! For .60 Euro cents! That’s the cheapest thing I’ve bought so far here.

I blame David the Gnome.
If I hadn’t loved that cartoon so much. I wouldn’t buy ridiculous things now. But look how cute they are! 

I also bought this book a few years ago…
It’s written by Wil Huygen, and has fantastic illustration by Rien Poortvliet. If you also enjoy gnomes, I would recommend the book. 

Can you tell I’m extremely excited about being able to upload pictures without waiting 30 minutes or going to Starbucks? It’s a big day.


4 thoughts on “Take that technology!

  1. Thanks Fritz! I know it's a pretty common name, it's just funny because that's such a stereotype coming from the US… we imagine all Germans to be named Hans, Fritz, etc. So it was pretty funny to get this stuff and have it be named that as well… but it is quite regal!

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