Remember when I said I loved packages…?

Once upon a time in Prague, we had this running joke with the Praha Drinking Team sweatshirts and t-shirts that they sell all over town. They pop up everywhere. Just this week, I saw one in a Bäckerei here in Nürnberg. Or you might spot one on the front page of during a volcano….

Image via, around a year ago. Haha.

So among our group of Prague survivors, we all chipped in and bought a few people one of these glorious sweatshirts when they had to leave the City of a Thousand Spires. Sadly, there were so few of us, and we were all so lazy by the time I left, that the tradition had died. I was telling  a friend of mine here about this little game, and I guess she found it pretty funny. 

A few days ago I got a package slip in the mail, and today I headed off to find the post office and collect my package from 1-800-contacts. Or so I thought. I was pretty surprised when the post office lady handed me a package from said friend in Munich. I couldn’t resist opening the package at the tram stop, and promptly burst out laughing in front of about eight people when I ripped it open to find….

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! A Praha Drinking Team hoodie of my very own! 

Dankeschön, Alex, you are pretty much awesome!


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