Executive decisions and bloggy things!

So no süß Donnerstag today… I made an executive decision to move the cake-eating to Fridays. I went to three different bakeries today while running around, and nothing grabbed me. That’s the problem with getting done with work late and so on, so from now on, the cake will be on Fridays. When presumably I have more time to go on cake hunts. Presumably. So look for cake tomorrow.

In other news, somehow I was chosen to be the blog of the month on expat-blog.com! I really have no idea how the hell that happened, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. So you can pop on over there, and read my interview

So even without cake, this is still a pretty süß Donnerstag. To add to the sweetness, it’s the start of the regular football season, so I’ll be cracking a Paulaner beer and cheering on the Green Bay Packers at 2:30 in the morning our time. Because true love doesn’t care about time zones.

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