One week to go…

Meant to post this yesterday, but things kind of got away from me. In a good way. 

“But one week to what?”, you may be asking yourself…. Click below!

Damn right it’s one week until I go to Oktoberfest! Yes, I did get a dirndl last year, but I thought I’d spring for a nicer one for this year. And every subsequent year for the rest of my life because these things are expensive. And if I gain 2 pounds, I might be in trouble. 

My friend from home and her co-worker are currently soaking up the sun in Greece, but they fly to Munich on Monday and I’ll be heading down to meet them. Then it will be 5 days (yes, I realize that’s a lot of fest!), of giant Brezeln und Maß Biers. Oh, pretzels and giant beers, I am looking forward to you! I’m also looking forward to people dancing on tables to such classic German tunes such as “Country Roads Take Me Home,” and the first bars of “Seven Nation Army.” Gooooood stuff.

We do have tentative plans to do a day trip from Munich as well, so hopefully we can find something nice to do outside the city, and give ourselves a break for at least part of a day. I daresay we’ll need it!


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