I should have hired someone to verpacke für mich.

That’s how I speak German. I just stick random (and probably incorrect words) into English sentences and hope for the best. Also, I add -en to the ends of English words, or switch ‘th’ for ‘d’ and just pretend that’s good enough. It’s a very scientific and exacting study of German that I’m doing. Ahem.

This week was pretty interesting. I went from not having been out at night in Nürnberg at all, to having gone out twice this week. Both times resulted in me not getting home until 4 in the morning, and spending the following day trying to scrape myself off the couch. I didn’t even have the energy today to pack for vacation until about 30 minutes ago. I’m hopping a train in a short eight hours and heading to the heart of Bavaria and Oktoberfest ridiculousness. I’m sure I’ll have a full and detailed report on the state of lederhosen and Maß Biere when I return, but until then, here’s a shot from last year….

This was inside the Löwenbräu tent, and I can’t be certain, but the arms in the air indicate that the song was more than likely “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. However, they do not play the whole song, only the opening bars… and everyone does the German equivalent of a Jersey-Shore fist pump. They play this song snippet roughly every five songs. And after a few more hours, it looks like this….

Good times. Provided I make it home, there will be more to come next weekend!


3 thoughts on “I should have hired someone to verpacke für mich.

  1. My daughter learned German in a very similar manner. She added -e to the end of most nouns so she'd ask to put something in my bag-e. It kind of works that method. She speaks brilliantly now (or maybe that was the year in German Kita…)

    Very jealous of you going to Oktoberfest. Have a great time.

  2. What a cool blog you have! Congrats on having the guts to up and move abroad.

    Guess what? I'm a 30 year old American chick from WIsconsin, too! I live in Morocco by myself and get into some pretty crazy adventures. If you want to check out what I've been up to (and I post a lot of food pics and recipes, too!) have a look-see here:


    Thanks for posting the cake pictures. I think a trip to the bakery is in my extremely near future. 😀

    JB from Wisco.

    PS– what city are you from? I'm from Kenosha…

  3. @Fiona: Danke for the reassurance! I'm just hoping it comes magically… or maybe I should enroll myself in a Kita… I do love to color!

    @JB: Always nice to “meet” another Badger… and you're welcome for the cake… Germans know their baked goods for sure! 🙂 I'd love to go to Morocco, I look forward to reading about your adventures. I'm from a very small town between Milwaukee and Madison… one of the 'blink and you miss it' ones.

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