süß Freitag.

I am officially obsessed with these Sahneroll. They come with all different types of cream filling, and the cake is the softest, most delightful thing in the world. Today’s cake is a bit of a cheat… I ate it last weekend, but I’m in Munich right now running around in a dirndl or something equally ridiculous, so yay for Blogger and the ability to schedule posts! Anyway, here you go…

 Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

Sorry. Inappropriate. I mixed it up a bit here, and went for strawberry filling instead of raspberry (I live on the wild side), and it was great. The cake came from the bakery in my local Rewe, and once again, I forgot to check the name of the place. One of these days I’ll remember. I have absolutely no idea what the flakey outside coating was… at first I thought it was just sugar flakes, but it had a bit of flavor to it. So once again, a solid cake choice! 


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