süß Freitag.

Oh meine Gott, yay for Friday.

Today’s cake is a cheat, I ate it weeks ago. I remember it was Johannisbeeren (currants), and the top was hard, which I found weird. But I had NO TIME this week for cake. It’s a sad state of affairs. Pretty much tragic. 

I left the house at 11 am and spent the day:
1) retrieving my laptop power cord from the company I teach at, as I left it on a conference table yesterday – very smooth, 
2) coffee with a friend, 
3) Sprachduo / impromptu shower from a fountain thanks to some small children and sticks, 
4) beers with Sprachduo friend, and finally 
5)rolling back home at 9pm. 
As my great-grandmas would have said, “Uff da.”

I had really good intentions of doing my Oktoberfest post earlier this week, and then was going to write it last night, but due to the afore-mentioned power cord Fail, that didn’t happen. I spent the first few days after Fest either not at home, or laying on my couch and moaning a lot. So that should give you some indication of how it went. It’s coming… I’m going to shoot for tomorrow when I have nothing to do until about 5pm. I’m not making any promises, but it’s in the works. It took a few days to come to grips with the things I saw there*…. 

*Guy in yellow plastic short-shorts lederhosen with your nut sack hanging out, I’m talking to you!


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