Stream of Consciousness Video Mix Mit Heather

I’m currently locked in an epic procrastination/avoidance/Mexican stand-off situation with the last three weeks worth of lesson plans. Writing lesson plans is basically the bane of my existence and I would rather watch 20 children in a goat-feeding pen then do it. (I’ll tell that story sometime. Much to my mother’s amusement that actually happened last summer.) But anyway, I’m behind by three weeks + today’s three lessons and my boss gave me a second warning yesterday so I really need to do it. But first!!

If you see me walking down the street, chances are I look completely spaced out and if I’m wearing my glasses I become extremely short-sighted so if you want my attention you have to hit me. So what am I thinking about?

Well first, this is my new morning song. So all this week when I’ve been bopping about town in the beautiful fall sunshine, I’ve had this song playing in my head.*

Then, this afternoon, I was coming up the escalator at the Hauptbahnhof, when I noticed a kid standing at the top, with his dad behind them. They were both looking down, and at first I was really hoping that he hadn’t dropped something and was expecting it to cycle around for him. But as I got up towards them, his dad reached down and yanked the kid’s shoelace out of the escalator. So what pops into my head immediately? Why this, of course!!

So the whole way home in my head I was going, “Not a year goes by, not a year, that I don’t hear about an escalator accident…” Bless you, Kevin Smith, you’ve given us so much. 

And for the final video… I had the pleasure of having this song stuck in my head for a good day-and-a-half. I was walking down the street and spotted a typical club poster on a garbage bin that was advertising a party called, “This Is How We Do It.” So immediately my brain filled in the rest. I’m thinking it was around 5th or 6th grade when this song was popular but I could remember almost all of it. It remained stuck in my head until the next afternoon when I had to teach about passives and it was driven out by grammar-related questions.

Disabling embedding is lame. That is all. 

Alright, to the supermarket, and then back to the lesson plan drudgery. 8 down and only about 18 to go.

*If you really love me, feel free to send cash so I can afford to repair my iPod. Then I won’t have to play songs in my head like a crazy person.


7 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Video Mix Mit Heather

  1. Oh cack, I hate these moments when I realise I am turning into my mother. Watching the Montell Jordan video I couldn't help but think all the way through it “He won't feel the benefit of that coat when he goes outside”….ugh…thoroughly enjoyed the Mall Rats clip though! Will be teaching my two to respect and fear the escalator!!

  2. @Mimi: I apologize if it gets stuck and makes you crazy. It's been stuck in my head all week but I'm still enjoying it!
    @Fiona: Might I put forward a motion to change the name of the song to “This is how we catch a cold?”
    To be honest, I wasn't looking at the coat too much because I was watching the 90s-tasticly-awesome back up dancers. What happened to those days?? (Now I sound like my mother.)

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