Accomplishment, thy name is Heather.

Finally. I am finally finished with the God-forsaken lesson plans. Note to self: Don’t get four weeks behind ever again. I’m just happy I got to type them. It goes a lot faster when I can copy and paste the lessons that were the same for multiple classes than when I had to hand-write them. 

Naturally, all that hard work this week deserves a reward. 

That is where 35 lesson plans belong. Under cake. With a side of delicious hot chocolate. Valuable information note: Karstadt sells Swiss Miss!! 

Today’s delicious apple cake isn’t from a German bakery, instead it comes courtesy of the lovely Ellie, who was kind enough to invite me to dinner with her and her G-man last weekend. To top it off, she sent me home with half of the cake we had made. A fridge full of cake is a happy fridge for sure! 

Other strange thing I learned this week…. when buying electronics always read the box. After last week’s fiasco running around trying to print documents for the Zollamt, I decided it was time to pick up a printer. So I bought one, brought it home and left it sitting in the bag in the middle of the floor for a day (useful). Then on Tuesday night, one of my students emailed me his homework in a .pdf, and I was going to print it off and correct it. Unpacked everything and made a annoying discovery. I didn’t opt for a Wi-Fi printer since my apartment is midget-sized, and the damn thing didn’t come with a USB cord. Really? The printer came in a reusable canvas bag, presumably for carrying your printer around town (or groceries), but it didn’t come with a cord that’s necessary to use the printer. Again, canvas bag=necessary, USB cord=optional. Super fun. I guess one trip to an electronics store this week would have been too easy. But oh well, now everything’s set up and ready to roll. And I’m even caught up on work. Winning.


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