Süß Samstag.

Yesterday I got distracted by shiny objects and forgot to post the cake so here we go….

Cake comes from the bakery down the street again, and I decided to get crazy and have some cookies this week too. The cake had whipped chocolate layers, and I’ve been trying to figure out what the topping is. It was really good, and tasted like toasted marshmallows. Any ideas?? The cookies were also delish; sugar cookies filled with an apricot jam. 

The other day I was really excited about finding out that Karstadt sells Swiss Miss, so I stopped there yesterday to pick up some other American-type goodies.

Germany, it’s just like home! Except the Frosted Flakes have a weird name!

I never get up early enough for breakfast, but maybe the Frosties will help me get into the breakfast habit. On a sad note though, I tried the guacamole dip last night and it is not so good. I’d recommend skipping it…. just get an avocado and make it yourself! 


4 thoughts on “Süß Samstag.

  1. Except that it's probably cheaper to mail stuff from the U.S. regularly than to shop at that food closet regularly! I never bought anything there as I seem to remember it being wicked expensive.

  2. Lacey, I don't think it's possible outside the U.S.! It really is better to just make it yourself. The problem is that it's tricky to make it for one… it just goes bad so quickly! If someone is selling a decent pre-made kind abroad it would be great but I fear that it's a pipe dream. 😦

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