Contrary to popular belief…

Germans are funny. They are. But I don’t feel like it’s one of their more-appreciated characteristics. This needs to change because they crack me up at least once a day. To whit: two quick stories from today. 

I had some slight public transit issues today; my tram didn’t come so I had to wait seven minutes for the next one and was therefore seven minutes behind schedule. Usually on Wednesday and Thursdays I get to the company about 10-15 minutes before my first lesson and hang out on a bench in front of our classroom because my visitor card won’t let me in the Super Secret Stuff building door. But due to the late tram, I arrived at the classroom at 12:31 and found two of my students waiting for me. One was standing outside the door, and the other was already in the room, which is right next to the door. He had the window open, and was leaning on the sill while they chatted. 

When I walked up, the one in the window (40’s male, bald, glasses, engineer, and you know… German), sang out, “Hallo Heather! I missed you!” He had been at a seminar the previous week and so wasn’t able to attend our lesson. But the sing-song delivery just killed me. All I could think about was this guy…

Frank Morgan in ‘The Wizard of Oz’

It’s the little things, you know. Or maybe I’m just easily amused. Could go either way.

I met up with another Sprachduo friend this evening. She’s lovely and always says she feel guilty because we hardly speak any German when we meet. But tonight she clarified some bad language points for me, so I know now that stück Scheiße is the way to say “piece of shit” and you can’t say “Holy shit” in German, instead you should say verdammte Scheiße. Learning! But anyway.

We had a couple of Weizenbieren and were walking back to the main station when she suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t understand!” Huh?
me: “What?”
SD: “I don’t understand. I’m drunk.”
me: “Maybe you did too much Zumba?”
SD: “But I had two beers today and I drank beers and sangria all last week in Mallorca! I was used to it last week.”
me: “So you had a tolerance for a week?”
SD: “Tolerance? Is that what you say? Yeah, for a week. Now, I’m dead.”
me: “Did you eat dinner?”
SD: “No, but I will buy two butter pretzels at the station. I eat two for dinner on the train every night.”

Damn that Zumba. Must have taken up too much energy. 

Maybe it’s just me. But I think Germans (or at least the ones I seem to hang out with), are pretty damn funny. Just in odd ways.


2 thoughts on “Contrary to popular belief…

  1. I agree with you! While I was staying with a host family this past summer the mom and dad had me rollin'! Although their kids didn't think they were very funny…

    I think we notice the small things because the Germans have a different appreciation for life that's not found in America…it's charming 🙂

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