Süß Freitag

My love affair with the Sahnetorte continues today….

Today’s cake was a Mandarin Sahnetorte (aren’t you proud of me, not a berry one??), and came from the bakery at the Rewe again. There was a winter apple crisp that looked fantastic as well, but I’d already placed my order and couldn’t handle two cakes. Next time! So anyway… yellow sponge cake on the bottom, orange cream/fluff filling with bits of mandarin oranges, and a berry jam on top. I’m not sure what kind of berry, but tasted a bit like currants, so that’s a possibility. 

I’m a bit under the weather today and don’t really have much of an appetite, so it was a struggle just to eat this cake. But I did it. Because I care. About cake. And continuity. And other things that start with ‘c.’ Like, crosswords. And cashmere.

Despite my feeling like death this morning, I had to drag my butt to school for a meeting about my new class that was supposed to start on Thursday. I was picking up a new class that wants English for Accounting (RIVETING), and it worked out well because they could just slide into the time slot that opened when another class had to switch from Tuesday to Thursday. But in true form, by the time all was said and done we had a change of plans. 

So far, I really have very few complaints about my school. Writing lesson plans and sending the attendance in every week are annoying, but far from unreasonable. But man, they are really disorganized sometimes. Or, ADD. I went in there at 10am, told them I wasn’t feeling well so I’d like to take care of things quickly. But that was not possible because they were still trying to finalize the class lists for the new classes they want me (and another brand new teacher) to start. On Monday. This Monday. Ooooook. I ended up having to sit there for a full two hours while they rehashed the schedule. 

My Thursday class got pulled so they could give it to the new guy. In Prague, that would have angered me to no end, but things here are pretty steady, and I understand that they want to ensure that all teachers have a minimum of 10 classes to start, so we call all live. You know, feed ourselves and pay rent.* And the classes that are starting on Monday are with a new-old client, and there are so many of them, and the schedules are so fussy that it’s going to be a two-teacher job. So I got three classes on Monday, and the new guy got four. 

So the good news is that I’ve got three new classes, and will get a solid few weeks in with them prior to Christmas break, which is great news for the ol’ wallet. Especially after last Tuesday’s public holiday that cost me five classes. Ouch. 

The bad news is that these classes are on Monday (RIP 3-day workweek), and they start at 8am. Boo. This means I have to be a functioning member of society prior to noon TWO DAYS A WEEK NOW. My life is rough. But the real kicker is that this company is apparently halfway to the moon, and they decided that it was easier to have a student pick the teachers up in Nürnberg and drive us to the company, than for us to get there via public transit. I guess we’re going to be on our own for the trip home, but at least we don’t have to rush around trams, U-Bahns, and buses in the morning. The director told me it was “maybe an hour” to get back to the city and according to vag.de, it’s more like an hour and a half. At least I’ll get some reading done on the way. And I guess we get a transit stipend so that’s something. 

I’m also excited about a little extra cash in my pocket because I still need to fix my door, especially now that it’s getting cold. It’s basically open about a half an inch but man, is it drafty! So should probably fix my door before I leave the country for a few weeks. That’s right, I’m going to be home for Christmas for the first time since 2008!  And on top of that, I won’t just be at home with family, I also got to lay my claim to the Magical and Awesomely Fantastic Fourth Packer Ticket that was promised to me if I could get home. So the plan is to be home in the morning with family, and then to head to Green Bay to hit up the Packer/Bear game! I’ve never been to a football game, so I’m super excited to get to go with two of my best friends and freeze our buns off together. Excitement!

And finally: 

Happy 11.11.11, which is apparently a big day for corduroy lovers. Not at all odd. Not at all.

And more importantly, Happy Veteran’s Day. To my dad, my grandpa, my great-uncle, my friends who have served and are serving, and all members of the United States Armed Forces: thank you. You deserve more than one day of recognition a year.

For my dad. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Süß Freitag

  1. My life is complete, I can now comment at work! So excited for you to be home at Christmas and for the Packer/Bear game. It will be a magical evening full of adult beverages and delicious American food. We will also make a stop at Culvers the day after Christmas to continue the awesomeness…

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