Warning: Being abroad will affect your style. And you will be afraid.

I’m currently in the “everything is breaking/going to hell” part of the clothing and accessory cycle. My shirts and socks are developing holes, my shoes are mostly all trashed, and my purse broke weeks ago and I had to jerry-rig it back together. So for now it works, but I’m positive that its days are numbered. 

In that spirit, I did a bit of shopping today. It started when I decided that I couldn’t possibly wear jeans on another trans-Atlantic flight, so I should probably buy a sweater dress so I can wear leggings. 

I will justify all. day. long. 

And then it went downhill from there. But I’m starting to question my judgment and I’m worrying that my extended stay in Europe is causing me to make questionable style choices. One Aussie friend in Prague liked to say that all American girls start wearing scarves when they move to Europe. That’s true. I had one at home but I have about 20 here. I like options! Scarves are pretty normal though… but now I’m starting to like weird things. For example, today I bought a furry sweater. But it’s so cute, look!

Sweater from Promod.de

Cute, right? Also, it has furry balls. (Hehehehehe, RZ). 

But a couple years ago, there is no way I would have considered this. Not a chance in hell. So I was already a little confused about a possible Style Judgment Crisis when I saw a purse that I kind of love. And this confused me more, because I’m pretty sure it’s embarrassing and yet I totally want it…

I’m embarrassed. But I love it.

Advantages: It’s big, so it could easily fit my school books, and my laptop. This is a big plus for when I fly home. My current purse fits my laptop, but then not much else. Also, I like deer. 

Disadvantages: I don’t know if I could carry this to class because I’m pretty sure my students already think I’m ridiculous so if I show up with a purse with blue deer on it they might never stop laughing. Also, I feel like I might be too old for it. And finally, it has a stupid blue butterfly keychain on it. But that comes off. 

The moral of the story is: I need help. If you read this, please tell me if it’s acceptable to carry this bag, or if I need to be tested. Thanks!!

*Apologies if this makes no sense. I was up super early today, took a 4-hour nap and am now watching the Packer/Viking game. It’s 4:30 in the morning, so all bets are off and my decision-making skills are probably even more compromised.


5 thoughts on “Warning: Being abroad will affect your style. And you will be afraid.

  1. I. know. where. you. are. coming. from.

    Therefore I am probably the last person to advise you on the above. However, I would buy the bag. I would remove the butterfly. Immediately. I don't know what age you are Heather but I'm only letting you keep the butterfly if you are 14.

    Def. get the bag. No one will laugh. I promise. And if they do, send the bag to me 🙂 I love the bag too.

  2. The bag is great! And the colors make it a grown-up's bag, not a child's. But yes, ditch the butterfly.

    And love the sweater too. Generally speaking, if you are getting more European in your style, you are probably getting MORE stylish. (Barring Prague of course, where all women dress like 14 year olds.)

    Speaking of 14 year olds, thanks for the shout-out! Hehehe.

    – RZ

  3. LOL Yeah I am in the same boat. get the bag, and ditch the butterfly. I love the sweater I wish I could wear that. Which online stores do you shop at? I moved to the boonies of Germany.

  4. Thanks for the input ladies.

    @Fiona, I'm 28 so I guess twice 14 is too old for sparkly butterflies. Sigh.

    @RZ, you are welcome! I figure I'm not on Czech level until I wear a furry purple hat, a furry purple jacket, furry purple moon boots, carry a purple purse and have a purple manicure. And then look like Grimace from the old McDonald's kids stuff.

    @Milgwimper, I haven't done any online shopping here, but I do “window-shop” online and then check the stores. The sweater is from one of my favorite stores, called Promod.

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