Süß Freitag

I tried. I really did. All week I thought about the glory of the autumn-appropriate apple cake I was going to buy for this Friday’s cake choice. It was going to be amazing.

Then I got to the store. First glance saw no beautiful apple cake. Sadface. But wait, there is Lebkuchenschnitte! Also known as giant chunks of delicious gingerbread cake. Woo! I stepped up to the counter and as I waited my turn I saw it. Apple cake! But not the pretty one from last week. Only slightly disappointed, I would buy it anyway. But then another step forward and I saw this…..

Well hello, you.

That’s right, the perfect combination between seasonally appropriate and my undying love for Sahnetorte. That’s right, it’s Eierlikör Sahnetorte. Delicious cream cake made from Egg Nog. Hello, holidays!

The base was made from a fantastic chocolate cake with I think actual chocolate flakes and also nuts. The cream was eggnog-y without being over powering. It was definitely filling, one piece took me two sittings to get through. 

I think with all the Christmas goodies in the stores, and the impending opening of the Christmas markets next week, I might need someone to roll me onto the plane next month. Gotta keep this under control!


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