Süß Freitag

Well, it was bound to happen and today it did. No cake today. But in my defense, I spent almost the whole day wandering around the Christmas markets here in rnberg, and then in Regensburg as well. So I have a million pictures and I’ll get up to those this weekend, but for today’s something sweet I’ve got a little something different….

A few sad, lonely, but delish, remaining Magenbrot, that survived the train trip to Regensburg and back. Also some sweet, raspberry hard candies from the market here. 

So what is Magenbrot? I would call it a Christmas cookie, aka, Plätzchen. It’s a German specialty that you see at all the Christmas markets… it’s kind of in the gingerbread family I would say. According to Wikipedia (the trusted source of ALL)….
Magenbrot includes stomach-friendly spices (hence the name) like cloves, cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg. Cocoa is used for the dark brown color. Honey was originally used for sweetening, although most people now use sugar. Magenbrot is a specialty from Northern Switzerland and Southern Germany, where it was formerly known as “herb bread”, when it was not mixed with chocolate.”
But as always, the real question is, does it taste good? The answer is yes. So if you see it, pick some up!

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