I Have a Confession.

This is difficult. Please, bear with me.


“Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m a procrastinator.”

*Chorus of voices in my head, “Hi Heather.”

It’s true. You’d think that somewhere in my life I would have learned important things like, time management and organization and blah blah blah, but nope. Instead, I left everything to the last possible minute. The last week has been chock-full of visits with friends, writing tests, grading tests, and the usual weekly work. I was out of town all last weekend visiting The Villagers, and so that is the reason for the absence of Süss Freitag last week. But, I am willing to offer a little something different this week…. behold…..

That’s right… Christmas cookies! And not just any Christmas cookies. These are the infamous ‘pink cookies.’ They are a raspberry meringue cookie, and I am convinced that the recipe for these was hand-delivered to my family by some sort of heavenly being. They are amazing. I made them last Christmas at the ex’s house, and VillageGirl fell in love with them, so I promised that this year I would help her make them. Hence the trip to the village last weekend. 

I was a bit worried about how this would go… these cookies are notoriously tricky/time-consuming to make, but we actually managed two batches of these, and two batches of another chocolate/mint cookie. I don’t know if any cookies will survive until Christmas time as we all munched away as we cooked, but if nothing else, now VillageGirl knows how to make them and can get VillageGuy’s mom to help when they all arrive for Christmas. We squeezed them in while the VillageMaus was napping or otherwise occupied, so we felt that we did pretty well. But when she was awake, she was all about helping us lick the bowl. That kid is going to have (who are we kidding, already has), a serious sweet tooth. Smart girl.

The other good news in the Village was that they finally got the barn/projector plan sorted out, so we were able to watch a movie with no technical difficulties. VillageGuy popped up a million pans of popcorn, their other visitor made some rocking guacamole, I cut up some Turkish Delight they had brought back from Istanbul, we all layered up, grabbed blankets, and piled into the barn to watch the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Turkish Delight!

I was only familiar with Turkish Delight from repeated readings of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and was a little afraid to try it just in case the White Witch showed up. Turns out, Edmund was right… it is delicious. And so pretty! I was cutting it up in the kitchen when VillageGuy came in, asked if I was cutting it up for the barn, and promptly stole four pieces. Guests, schmests, I guess.

We also drank perhaps a few too many Captain and Coke’s (in honor of the film), but the good side of that was that we were all game for a few ridiculous rounds of ‘SingStar’ after the movie. We were joined by some of the other younger villagers, and they even snagged a few heat lamps from…. somewhere, which toasted the barn right up. Probably a huge safety hazard, but we didn’t really care. Somehow the SingStar rounds ended with the losers doing shots of absinthe, so Sunday was a bit rough on some people. All I can say is, blame ‘Baby Got Back.’ I could at least walk on Sunday, which is more than can be said for some people. Maybe not real far, but I could walk.

Those of us that were functioning on Sunday drove on down to Nürnberg, which served the dual purpose of giving me a ride and giving them the opportunity to check out the Christmas market. It was a complete zoo  though, so we didn’t hang out long. We wanted to see the kid’s area for the Maus, but the Villagers were a bit uncomfortable. There were too many people, kids, strollers, and possibilities of injury at stroller level. A few hot drinks, something to eat, and a spin on the carousel for the VillageMaus, and that was about it. They headed back, and I got back to paperwork.

Since then I’ve been pretty much tied up with work and trying to get ready for my trip home. I still have a few things to do, but it will have to be done from Wisco. I leave for the train station in about two and a half hours, and have spent all night doing laundry, trying to dry said laundry, and cleaning my disaster of a flat. I still have a bit more to do, and some more stuff to try and shove in the suitcase, so it became clear that an all-nighter was going to be my best option. Then it’s off to Frankfurt, then on home with a nice stopover in Toronto. I’ll try not to scare the Canadians too much. 

I’ve got a pile more pictures from the village, and an assortment of Christkindlesmarkt ones too… so hopefully I can get to those next week. Please tell me America has less distractions! 


4 thoughts on “I Have a Confession.

  1. They are amazing…. they've been my favorite Christmas cookie since I was little. They're kind of a pain to make, and require American ingredients (raspberry jell-o and mini chocolate chips), but if anyone wants the recipe, I'm happy to oblige. Spread the pink cookie joy!

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