A Slightly Belated Visit to the Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt

Oh, the sweet feel of relaxation. Now that I’m at home in Amerika with much less to do, I finally have time to post pictures from the assorted visits to Nürnberg’s super-famous and not at all over-crowded Christkindlesmarkt. But if anyone was thinking of taking a last-minute trip to do some shopping, maybe this will help you out. At the very least it’s more atmospheric than an American shopping mall. Which I have been to twice already. It’s scary in there. Digression….. sorry.

There are a whole lot of pictures, so I’m sending this one off after a jump. So if you care to take a little tour with me, click away!
I went to the market a few different times, so we’ll start with some general shots of the mayhem….

I’m sure there is a word for these, but I have no idea what it is. They remind me of Home Alone for some reason. I think they make an appearance in the second one “Lost in New York.” Or I’m hallucinating. Could go either way.
The Schöner Brunnen

 And now for some less-than-stellar night shots.*

In the Kinderweihnachtsmarkt

I love lamp.

And now we’ll move on to the wares….

Some of these “angels” were a bit on the questionable/creepy side…

Do they come with nuts?

I heart bears.

Ah yes, the German pickles.
Traditional Nürnberger Zwetschgenmännle, aka, Plum People
These were very cool… if I had room in the suitcase one of these might have come home to the parents.

Now a quick swing through the International section; which hosts booths from some of Nürnberg’s “partner cities.”

Guatemala (I think) sends Christmas greetings with slippers and colorful knit-wear.
Italy sent Carnival masks and….
Scotland had assorted plaid things and Scotch.
A Russian nesting doll for every occasion!
I love the ceramics in Poland… I got my mom a bell similar to these in Krakow.
The prettiest wine stoppers come from Poland!
Soaps and lavender from France.

 And back to the main market…

Beeswax bears!
A plum person for everyone on your shopping list… even your spinners.

Loved these ornaments.

I know the camel is out of focus but I like it anyway.
I need one of these stars for the corner of my apartment but no idea how to rig it up.
Fuzzy skates!
And fuzzy deer!
Wooden trains….
and critters….

And super cool-looking wooden puzzles!
Muppet birds?
And mouses.
Stamps! For stamping things!

And finally, what everyone really wants to see. FOOD. And TREATS.

Cookies and nuts, the perfect combo.

Chocolate mice (or they had pigs, if you prefer).

Check out the flavors… onion, garlic, eucalyptus… interesting choices, even for hard candy!
Magic chocolate balls.

Magic chocolate fruit on a stick.

Nürnberg’s famous bratwurst.
And the Feuerzangebowle. This is the small one, but I missed out for this year. Guess we have to wait until next year. Sigh.

It’s a zoo, but it’s something nice to see. I’m not sure that Germans actually buy anything at the Christmas markets… that seems to be more for the tourists. But they certainly hang out there. Eat, drink, and be merry with Glühwein and Bratwurst in hand.  Frohe Weihnachten indeed.

*Dear Santa, a new camera would be fantastic.


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