Greetings from Fabulous Canada.

And no, there is not a hint of sarcasm in there. But I am getting wi-fi, so that’s positive. So here’s a quick shot from Toronto’s lovely Pearson Airport….

The people standing under the 172/173 signs are lining up for a flight to Shanghai which (at least I’m pretty sure) doesn’t board for another hour or so. But considering my flight isn’t for another 4 hours and I’m already sitting here… apparently I’m foolish as well. What can I say, I already ate lunch and as much as I would love a Starbucks or another over-priced airport cocktail, I really don’t want to get Canadian change back for U.S. dollars. Call me crazy. 

Some of you may remember the amazing deer bag I had my eye on a while ago. Well, I bought it to use as a carry-on for my trip home. I was quite excited about it AND it totally matched my sweet new boots that I bought right before I left. Check it out…

Look how well-coordinated I am! However, if you are flying and wearing anything besides jeans or pajama pants, people are going to look at you funny. Or maybe they were all just jealous of the deer bag. I would be. But I ran into a bit of a problem. Despite the fact that the deer bag was marketed as a “weekender,” it was clearly not meant for heavy hauling. Because look what has happened…

Yep, death by zipper. I guess they need to specify which accessories are capable of hauling an older model (and therefore very heavy) laptop, six packages of gingerbread, a crap-ton of German chocolate and whatever else I could shove in the thing. Sadly, on this trip back to Germany, my luggage is not a lick lighter…. Damn you American sales! And now I’m running around with this awkwardly broken zipper on my carry-on.  But this gives me something to do when I get back; I will attempt my first return or exchange in Germany. That should be a good time. 

Random observation: Does anyone else feel like they see the exact same people every time they fly? Maybe it’s just me, but I swear I get the same passengers every time. There’s a girl sitting a few chairs from me that I’m 95% sure was on the last two flights I’ve taken. Either that or she’s just the right kind of tall, thin, generic ponytailed blond with a Mac that exists everywhere. It’s freaking me out though. 

So I guess that’s all from fabulous Toronto. If anyone needs me, I’ll be here for the next several hours watching people line up (and I’m using the word “line” very loosely here), and then it’s back to the Deutschland. Looking forward to my little flat, German beer, and walking enough to lose the Mexican food/Wisconsin cheese curd pounds I added at home!


6 thoughts on “Greetings from Fabulous Canada.

  1. I have to say, the deer bag looks even nicer in your photos. I would go for the exchange, it's too lovely for a refund. You could always go to one of these sewing repair places and get a hefty zip put in. I bet that wouldn't cost very much.

    Incidentally, 4!! hours at the airport??? Why are you there so early??

  2. Thanks Fiona, I'm going to brave an exchange tomorrow or Monday. Scary! I thought about doing a zipper repair while I was at home, but it was pretty pricey. And then I wouldn't have had the delight of hauling a wide open bag halfway around the world. Ah, the silver lining. Or in this case, tan lining.

    I had a 5 hour layover in Toronto. Unfortunately the only options were too short (I don't mess with anything less than 2 hours, especially in winter!), or looooong. It's ok, it gave me time to watch people line up ridiculously early. Good times.

  3. Regarding seeing the same people at the airport and on your flights…there is a tall, bald man that is on every single flight that I take that has the flight leg of Appleton to Chicago. Doesn't matter the time of day or day of the week, etc, he is always on there. I would say this has been going on for at least two years. Going to see if this happens again in a few weeks when I head East.


  4. Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. The blond girl was definitely on my flight to the U.S. No doubt about it. And maybe the bald guy is your friendly local TSA agent?

  5. Not sure what his job is, but he is always flying Appleton to Chicago to ??? Once I overheard he was going to Indianapolis and once I think he said LA. I seem to arrive at the check-in desk at the same time too.

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