A Quickie

A quick couple of links, that is.  

Since landing on Friday, I’ve spent most of my time unconscious and I still had to promise myself that I would go to bed by 9 o’clock tonight. Today I managed to talk myself out of going to work to make copies for my classes tomorrow, so I have to do it on the way to work, which will involve leaving the house at about 6:20am. Sounds like fun, right? In my defense, I had a pretty solid reasoning… When I got home Friday, I discovered that my key won’t work in the door downstairs. Luckily, a neighbor let me in when I buzzed, but my landlord had no idea if the locks had been changed or something along those lines. And since Friday was a holiday in Germany, there was no chance of him being able to find out until Monday. So this weekend, I decided it was better to stay in the house (minus one complete FAIL of a shopping trip, but at least I got groceries), than to be stuck outside in the cold/rain for any period of time.

Luckily a friend of mine sent me the link for my new favorite web site, and that took up a solid amount of time today. It’s called Thought Catalog and they describe themselves as “a place for relevant and relatable nonfiction and thought.” Sounds good to me. A quick perusal of the offerings will find something for everybody… there are articles about what the Ferris Bueller movie would look like today, New Years Resolutions from celebs (my favorites are Zooey Deschannel, Ryan Gosling and Tim Tebow), a holiday newsletter from a single person (much more entertaining than the smug crap you might read from your 3rd cousin with their 5 honor roll students and adorable puppy-mill Cockapoo**), and a plethora of other scintillating topics that you didn’t even know you were missing until you read them. 

But this is the one that started the journey down the Thought Catalog rabbit hole for me….
Why You’re Beautiful 
The friend that sent this to me has been dealing with a break-up for the last few months, and we’ve had some good chats about our respective situations. Normally, an article like this one would be way too high on the cheese radar for me if I based it on title alone, so I probably wouldn’t have read it unless she had sent it to me. We have some tentative plans to meet up later this year, hopefully in India or somewhere else in Southeast Asia. I just hope we aren’t including becoming an “ashram-cleaning cliché” in this plan. Although that is a pretty good line. 

After the sad-face love post, I moved onto this one and have read it about three times since then today. And I laugh every time. 
Post-Break Up Blog Post Titles 
I fully intend on using one of these after my next relationship. So in the future, look for a blog post titled either “Every Secret My Ex-Boyfriend Ever Told Me: An Illustrated Guide” -or- “On Reality TV Marathons and Sweatpants.” Except I would change it to pajama pants. Because I don’t own sweatpants. And never will… especially after the nonsense I saw people wearing while at home.* And if I’m being honest, the title of the entry will probably be, “How to Ignore Your Feelings Through Prodigious Alcohol Consumption.” So look for that blog post whenever I actually start dating someone.  And by ‘whenever,’ I mean ‘if.’

*I’m talking to YOU sloppy pony-tailed girls with PINK sweats tucked into Ugg boots carrying your Coach bags around the mall parking lot. If you have enough money to buy a Coach bag (or daddy does), you (or daddy) should have enough money to buy normal pants. Jeans, for example, are appropriate pants for every day life. Sweatpants are appropriate for bed or the gym. That is all. End rant.
**I don’t have anything against the Cockapoo specifically. I love dogs, but I hate how these “designer breeds” are mass produced at puppy mills. Get a shelter dog, or research a breeder with a decent reputation. Don’t buy a dog as an accessory, I don’t care how well it fits in your purse. They have four legs, they can walk. End rant.


2 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. I personally enjoyed the “how to finally make out with your crush” or whatever it was called article, among many others that I have read from the comfort of my desk…

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