Süß Freitag.

Today I went to Der Beck and attempted to order a slice of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. Aka, Black Forest cherry cake. It looked like glorious chocolate and cherry layers of awesome. But apparently the staff at Der Beck needs more supervision when filling orders because when I got home and opened the package, I found this…

In photos I guess it might be hard to tell, but this is a raspberry torte, and not cherry. Sadface. And I had posted a similar cake way back when, but I guess you go with the hand you were dealt.

Luckily, raspberries are my very favorite fruit, so I could live with this. 

We had raspberries on top, a layer of soft chocolate cake, a cream layer, and the crust had a hard chocolate top and a crispy bottom. Overall, a delight. 

Side note: As a quick follow-up to my earlier financial fun post…. I have yet another reason why I can’t get anywhere. I opened my mailbox today to find (no, not my tax form), but a voucher for 10€ off my next train ticket from Deutsche Bahn. So how can I possibly resist a coupon situation? I guess that means I have to take a trip sometime before the end of February….


3 thoughts on “Süß Freitag.

  1. S and I have also commented on the bakery lotto effect. Whenever he goes out for weekend bread, 9 times out of 10 what comes out of the bag at home is not what he ordered. Maybe it's their sneaky attempt to get people to try new stuff?

  2. I can imagine your disappointment… when you are looking forward to something and it turns out to be something completely different! But must say: it didn't look too bad! Sometimes an unexpected experience can lead to something wonderful after all! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. @ECS: What is with that? And I know my German is subpar, but I also know that I said “Kirschtorte” which sounds NOTHING like “Himbeertorte.” I was thinking that maybe since there were only a few slices left of the cherry cake that the girl working was trying to safeguard it for herself. Tricky. Will keep my eye on them in the future!

    @Cessie: It was not too bad at all. I mean, if the biggest problem in my life is getting the wrong cake, I think I'm doing ok. Thanks for the note and enjoy your weekend as well!

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